Friday Favorites--What I am Finding Joy in this Week

Today I am linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday favorites and sharing with you the things that I am finding Joy in this week.

1. Spring Flowers: While the flowers came out a little early for my taste and then I worried about them in the cold and snow, I am happy they are here.  Our sweet pup was even smelling the daffodils the other night as we came in from our walk.  This photo is from what I am calling our "rescue flowers" meaning the flowers I cut when we had a little bit of snow and I brought them in to enjoy. They bring me Joy.

2. Cole Haan Wedges: I have been fighting plantar fasciitis for almost six months now.  I truly think it is some of the shoes that I have been wearing and can basically pinpoint my first tinge of pain from wearing certain shoes at a busy work event in the Fall.  I decided that I needed new spring shoes that were cute but also helped out my poor feet. I bought these cute wedges from Cole Hann in both black and nude...and the nude are on sale! Honestly, my plantar faciitis is much better now that I am wearing these to work.

3. Rainbows: Tuesday night I went to pick up the Sweet Boy at lacrosse and was talking to my lovely friend Mrs. N. She stopped mid-sentence and said "turn around and look." This beautiful double rainbow was behind us.  Everyone was taking photos and on the drive home the Sweet Boy took this photo.

4. Trader Joe's Double Chocolate Chip Cookies: These are probably the Best gluten free cookies...period.  They are chocolatey and moist. I just finished one as I edited this blog post.

Image result for trader joe's gluten free cookies

5. Lunch with girlfriends: Today I had lunch with my lovely friend Ms. C.  We are both from Massachusetts and we just get each other.  We talked work, social media, marketing, blogging, boys--both big ones and little ones, and politics. We were both so happy to see former Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole at the table next to us, looking pretty sharp at age 93.

So these are the things that are bringing me Joy this Friday. This weekend we have some Mass server training for the Sweet Boy, picking out a new wine fridge for our bar that is being built, the Sweet Boy's band competition, track practice and then I am hitting Barre 3 on Sunday afternoon.

Since it's the last day of the month, here are the links to all of my March posts in case you missed them.

Enjoy the Best weekend!


  1. Those TJ's cookies look so delicious!! And love that rainbow pic! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Hi Laura, The cookies are amazing even if you are not gluten free. Microwave one for five seconds and it is heaven. Seeing that double rainbow and my friend that pointed it out to me was totally what I needed that night after feeling a little blah.

    Thanks for taking the time to read Good Better Best and commenting. It means a lot to me! Hope you had a good weekend too.



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