Friday Favorites--March in like a lion

Today I am linking up for Friday Favorites with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday favorites.  We have had a crazy roller coaster of weather around here with one day being near 70 degrees and now it's pretty chilly around here again.  Let's do these Friday Favorites as March comes in like a lion.

ONE-Lax/Hockey Crossover

Last weekend the Sweet Boy started lacrosse on Friday nights and we had our season ending hockey tournament on Saturday and Sunday.  Things didn't really go the way Sweet Boy wanted them too but he took it in stride and had an amazing season.  For me, I just always look forward to watching him skate.  So we head into the next sports season where I will once again be freezing for until things really warm up in about six weeks or so.  The upside to hockey, at least it is always dry at hockey.  Time for my pink blanket and I to head outside again.  

TWO-Barre 3

If I keep this up, Barre 3 is going to need it's own post.  I have been going every weekend for a month.  You literally work your butt off in every class but it goes by so fast.  It's the best workout I have ever done.  I am even going tonight...on a Friday night.  Gives new meaning to hitting the Barre on a Friday night.

Three-Sweet Boy Created Menus

Running Daddy has been traveling for work again this week and last getting to complete a very prestigious course.  I let the Sweet Boy pick our menus for dinner the last two weeks.  It was fun and he did a very good job.  

Our dinners included: pesto pasta, breakfast for dinner, Moe's take out due to lacrosse practice and my infusions, and this pizza which is now a favorite.  We had great conversations at our new breakfast bar and he was very proud of the menus he created for us.

FOUR-New Breakfast Bar

Speaking of the breakfast bar, we are in the middle of a fairly big home remodel.  Our breakfast bar was finished last week and all I can say is...why didn't we do that five years ago?  I cannot wait to show everyone all of the before and after photos.  Get ready for multiple posts on our home remodel.  It's going to be fun!

Five-First Five 

I mentioned last week that I was trying to read the First Five every morning to start my day focused on our Lord this Lent.  Well, I am happy to say that so far it is going really well.  While Running Daddy is gone, it is very quiet when I get up in the morning which creates the perfect environment for my  Bible study.  Saturday morning was slightly challenging because I did have to tell both Running Daddy and the Sweet Boy that I needed five minutes...alone...with Jesus.  They got the message.  Sunday I had trouble getting the app to load but for the most part I feel really good about the progress I am making during Lent.

Six-Running Daddy comes Home and the Weekend

Running Daddy comes home tonight and we are all very excited.  Saturday the Sweet Boy and I are going on a tour of the animal shelter that was a silent auction item we purchased at his school auction.  Note: we will NOT bring home a four legged friend at the end of the tour.  The balance of the weekend will mean packing up the basement for the next installment of our home remodel.  I am not looking forward to this part and just have to look at this as a project we need to get through to finally have the basement of dreams.

So these are my favorites for this week.  What have you been up to?

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