Monthly Musings: Back to School and Fall Prep


Hey there Besties. Thanks for joining me for Monthly Musings. It's been a little bit of a tough week around here and I am embracing the creative outlet that is Good Better Best. So ready to join Holly and talk Back to School and Fall Prep for Monthly Musings. Let's dive in.

1. Do you meal plan and prep? Any favorite back to school recipes to share?

I absolutely meal plan every week. I could not handle our schedule if I didn't sketch out what we were eating every week. 

The three most requested meals in our house are:

Taco meatballs

Baked chicken tacos

Chicken sausage with spinach and polenta

All of these are easy, fast, yummy and light. Add them to your rotation.

2. How do you buy and organize school supplies?

Honestly, I have never really had to do this. We have always paid a fee and the school supplies were included. Anything we buy has always been personal preference.

3. Any back to school traditions?

We have outgrown the photo phase. Sigh. I do ask Hockey Guy what he wants for dinner the first night and always make it. That's about it. 

4. Bring lunch? Buy lunch? Favorite lunchbox item?

Right now Hockey Guy buys lunch every day. The food is actually really Good at his school. 

5. Favorite thing about back to school then and now?

I love the hope and the clean slate of back to school. I love the new schedule and feeling of new activities. I also loved my Trapper Keeper that I got in 5th grade. If you know, you know.

6. Pumpkin space? Love or hate?

I am in the love camp. I always know what day is the right day for my first pumpkin spice latte. I can't describe what that day looks like, but there is a feeling in the air and a day that just feels right to order that coffee.

7. Do you decorate for fall?

Yes indeed. I decorate for fall and then we do a whole Halloween thing at our house. 

8. How do you transition your wardrobe for fall?

Things stay pretty warm here well into late September so I transition things slowly. I almost start by transitioning by color and then by fabric weight. Does that make sense?

9. Favorite fall fashion staples?

I am all about a really Good blouse or long sleeve tee.  

10. When does school start where you live?

We started this week, our Catholic school and public school. It feels right. A little school and then a long weekend for Labor Day, because everyone needs it...teachers, kids and parents.

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I am going to take tomorrow off from blogging and will be back next week.

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  1. Even though our thoughts on Pumpkin Spice are different, I love the thoughts behind the day in which you have your first pumpkin spice. And I can totally picture the day which you described.

    I hope your week gets better as it ends.

    1. Glad you can picture the pumpkin spice day. I was wondering if I was making sense as I wrote it.

  2. The Trapper Keeper?? YES!! Such a great memory. Love how you transition your wardrobe- can totally relate! Thanks for being the best blogging partner as always

    1. Do they even still make a Trapper keeper? If not they should and I would totally still buy one for myself!

      Right back at ya girl!

  3. I was just talking to my boys about Trapper Keepers the other day! I loved those! My boys had no idea what I was talking about though.


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