What's Up Wednesday August 2021


Happy Wednesday Besties.  I can't believe we are already here at the end of August. It has been a Good but busy summer and I am actually ready for things to happen this fall. As I do on most final Wednesdays of the month, I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday (and don't forget to join Holly and me for Monthly Musings tomorrow). Settle in with your favorite beverage and find out what we have been up to this month.

What We're Eating This Week

It's the first week of orientation at school, the first real week of hockey and just an all around busy week of getting back at it. Keeping dinner familiar and easy.

Monday -Chicken sausage with polenta.  I feel like this meal is on What's Up Wednesday every month. Probably because it is always requested and I can get it on the table in about 25 minutes at this point because I have made it for years. It's so Good though!

Tuesday- It's going to be a night of hockey and then I am helping a friend with something. The "food fairy" has been here, so there is plenty to eat, we can all figure out something.

Wednesday-Thinking pork chop Milanese in the air fryer, green beans and potatoes au gratin.  

Thursday-Another hockey night so something easy like grilled cheese and fruit for my gluten eaters and then I need to figure something out for myself.

Friday-We will be heading out for a hockey tournament, so either dinner on the road or dinner with the team. 

What I'm Reminiscing About

I am totally thinking about first days of school from years past and all of those hockey seasons when Hockey Guy was just starting out. I can't believe we are where we are, but here's a secret...I am loving this phase of life and his life.

What I'm Loving

Besties, I am still loving the Lavish Nourishing and Firming Body Oil from Ever. I can truly say now that I think it really does have some firming properties and is super light. This is a product I am never going to be without.

***contains affiliate link

Have you tried these Enlightened Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites? 

These frozen treats are so Good and really low calorie. They are gluten free fun! 

I also took my morning routine outside recently and I am loving it. I can't do it when it is rainy obviously but there is something special about being on the patio as the sun is coming up with my coffee, gratitude journal, time with Jesus and a little meditation. I highly recommend that you try it.

What We've Been Up To

I finished up a summer of a ton of work. I am so glad it's behind me and truly have a sense of accomplishment.

We took a dreamlike vacation again to Hilton Head Island. It's honestly our favorite place and like no other we have been to in the US.

We had Sunday Fun Day at Skull Creek. It was a wait but we played corn hole and the boys played ping pong.

We continued our new tradition of renting a boat while in South Carolina. It's our highlight of the week.

Hockey Guy drove the boat quite a bit and did a really Good job.

We have also been getting ready for school to start and the start of hockey. It's going to be a big year for both.

What I'm Dreading

Honestly the only thing that I am dreading is the threat of COVID and the Delta variant shutting things down again. We are already back to masks in school due to the Governor's order, masks on one hockey rink and some masks in stores. I get it. I don't like it but I get it. What I don't get honestly, is the refusal by some people to get a vaccine (sorry, not sorry).

I am hoping that these kids finally get some real high school experiences like Homecoming, football games, and fans at Friday night hockey games. I dread all of this going away again. 

What I'm Working On

This month I was working on a whole lot of work. Really two solid months of projects back to back. I am finally in a more normal cadence and really appreciating it.

We also finished an updated will and trust. Besties, if you don't have a real will and trust put this on your fall priority list. Many employers have legal services as part of your benefits, so look into this for yourself or see if your spouse has this. We got our will free of charge and only had to pay for our trust through the benefit from my work. 

I am getting ready for our fall with scheduling and also cleaning out closets. I am selling things on Facebook and also have a ThreadUp bag going. The organizing is going a little slow but is it happening and that feels really Good.

I am also working hard at my Stella & Dot business. I love having this creative outlet and helping my friends and clients build their wardrobe and choose the perfect gift. I was pretty excited when I was the first person in our group to hit a big goal and I am not going to lie to you Besties, there are some pretty cool perks coming my way this fall from Stella & Dot. More on that fun stuff later. 

What I'm Excited About 

I am excited about the start of hockey season. Due to COVID and all the restrictions, plus protecting myself from the virus, I really didn't get to see Hockey Guy play live last year very much. I cannot wait to see him play. It truly brings me Joy

What I'm Watching/Reading

I am mostly reading my Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens magazines. I am just taking the time to embrace all that beauty and inspiration in short stints.

I have watched a hodgepodge of things that do not go together so get ready.


I love a Good biopic and this Netflix series is no exception. It is definitely for mature audiences but I did really enjoy it. Having spent over a decade in retail, I love the business of fashion. If you don't know much about Halston, you should give this a try, you will be really intrigued about his impact on fashion even into today.

The Crown

Running Daddy and I are still making our way through The Crown. We are on season 3 now. We spend a lot of time talking about each episode after we finish. It's been really fun to watch together.

Beverly Hills Housewives but not New York

As Andy Cohen would say, I am on "pause" with New York Housewives.

However, I am not on pause with Beverly Hills.  Wowza. Here are all my thoughts on this season:

-Kyle and Rinna, why are we letting Erika open up in her own time and she is innocent until proven guilty but you hammered Denise all last season for something that is frankly none of your business and she didn't hurt anyone.

-Dorit, you are quite the little bus driver at that dinner last week.

-Garcelle, you are perfection always.

-Crystal, didn't like you at first but you are growing on me. Ok, it may also be because she liked my tweet where I said the same thing.

Kathy-where have you been all these years?

-Sutton, while some don't like you, no one is pulling the wool over your eyes. Erika knows you are onto her and she doesn't like it one bit. 

-Erika. Speaking of Erika, you knew  something and it is very convenient that you are playing the victim now.

Thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

Chesapeake Shores

Oh this delightful show on Hallmark didn't film last year and I am so glad it is back. I am ready for Abby to move on from Trace. It might be an unpopular opinion but Trace is my least favorite character on this show. 

A Little Daytime Drama

Speaking of Hallmark, this delightful movie was on this past weekend and I just loved it. Jen Lilley as a human being is the real deal and the queen of witty banter. Pair her with Ryan Paevey with her amazing wardrobe in this movie and I am all in. Check this one out if you have not already. It's the typical formula, but so what I needed this weekend. 

What I am Listening To

On the way down to Hilton Head, Running Daddy and I passed the time on I95 listening to 80s on 8 on Sirius XM. We had a lot of fun with this reliving old memories through music.

Now that I am back I am listening to my usual podcasts of Two Judgey Girls, Bitch Sesh, and Juicy Scoop.

What I'm Wearing

I am wearing this Stella twisted short sleeve top in navy on repeat. It comes in three colors and the fabric is a dream. The Best part is that you can literally wear it with anything. I love it with the white jeans I have on above and also wore it with a pink skirt and high heeled sandals for some meetings last week. Wash it, line dry it and you are Good to go. 

Other than that, I am ready to start pulling out some transitional clothing and move to the next season. 

What I'm Doing This Weekend

I will be pulling out some fleece and sweatshirts as we are headed to a hockey tournament. It will be so Good to see Hockey Guy play live again. This is our first real out of state tournament and I just hope everyone stays safe and we can continue to play and I can feel safe enough to keep going to the games.

What Else is New?

That's it for this month. The only other new thing that I have is the new topics for tomorrow's Monthly Musings with Holly and Patty. We are getting you settled in for fall and talking Back to School and Fall Prep.

Ok, well not really! That is not our list of questions. Our list of questions is below. We hope you will link up with us (on topic) and then also join as a reader.

That's it for me today and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow!


  1. Pumpkin Spic Eve? HYSTERICAL- love it! So so happy for you that you get to see your son play hockey again- my Mama heart is squished for you friend! XO

  2. Hilton Head is the best beach! My sister lived there for 10 years and we visited her/the beach as much as we could. Skull Creek is so fun! See you tomorrow for the link up!

  3. I am going to have to look for those cookie dough bites; all my favorite Enlightened yogurt bars have simply vanished from our stores and I am stuck floundering for a good replacement for them.


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