Friday Favorites: Wine Exchange, Hallmark Movies, Scottish Walk and MoroccanOil

This has been a Good week, but a busy week and I am flat out tired. So as I link up with ErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday Favorites, this is going to be a quick one about just some things that bring me Joy.  And it's the season of Joy isn't it? Here we go:

1) Holiday Wine Exchange:

Cookie exchanges are very popular this time of year and there are even recipe exchanges, but my friend Miss K hosts a wine exchange...yes a WINE EXCHANGE! This was the first year I was able to make it because Running Daddy and I typically attend another party on this night. There is a different theme every year and this year was Star Wars. The basic premise is that you decorate your bottle in the theme and then there is an old fashioned Yankee Swap. 

So not sure if you all know this...but I am not much of a crafter. Frankly it's not something that brings me Joy. I love to decorate, I love to party plan, but I am not really a hot glue gun gal (no shade to those of you that are). I knew I wanted to do Chewbacca, because he is just so funny to me but I didn't know how to go about it. Nurse K who is an amazing crafter gave me the Christmas ornament idea and then I wrapped the bottle in brown fur fabric. I am not going to lie to you...I think it came out pretty Good for a rookie year. My wine was a dry rose that I love so much.

Pretty Good for a non-crafter

I won C3PO who was actually a Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc in a gold wrapped bottle for the holidays. This is one of the Best Sauvignon Blancs out there and he was just too cute to pass up.

Can't wait to enjoy him!

We had the Best night and I love this party concept.

2) Christmas at Holly Lodge

We have a new favorite Hallmark Christmas movie favorite for 2017. So far it is Christmas at Holly Lodge. This movie is sweet and funny. Hockey Guy was a big fan. 
Video from Christmas at Holly Lodge

3) Scottish Walk Christmas Parade

Every year there is a big parade the first Saturday in December called Scottish Walk Christmas parade. It's the Best and one that I have loved for many years.  

I talked more about Scottish Walk in this post earlier in the week.

4) MoroccanOil

Ok, I am totally late to the MoroccanOil party...but I am glad I am here. I have mentioned in previous posts that I was struggling with my hair the last few years. The challenge has been getting it and keeping it straight. I never tried MoroccanOil before because I though it would weigh down my fine hair. I got a sample a few months ago and I have figured out the Best formula for my hair. I need one small drop about once per week. It stay in my hair for several days and help keep it straight. I usually reserve it for a day when I have a big work meeting or night out.

So these are my Friday Favorites for the week. Hope you are all having a Good week.


  1. Patti!! I love that wine exchange idea and yours came out awesome. I totally agree too- Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best!! I am also on the Moroccan oil train- I need it every week!

  2. Thanks for the compliment on the wine bottle--crafting is not my thing. Thanks for stopping by Holly.


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