Friday Favorites: Holiday Hostess Gifts

We are about to get in full swing for holiday party season. So today as I link up with ErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday Favorites, I am going to share some of the Best ideas for hostess gifts. I try to not bring a bottle of wine as a hostess gift. I don't know about you, as a host, I have no idea who brought what wine but I can tell you who brought which hostess gift. Hostess gifts do not have to be expensive, just a lovely token of appreciation for a nice evening. So here are some Good ideas for hostess gifts to make things merry and bright.

1) Christmas ornaments

I love receiving Christmas ornaments as a gift. When I look at my tree, I can tell you who gave me every ornament on my tree.  Can't you? That's why ornaments make such a sweet gift. You can even add them to a bottle of wine to use as your calling card.

Here are some ornaments that I really like this season.

Camper               Moose Sweater         Snowflake 

2) Cocktail Napkins

I also love fun cocktail napkins and it's always fun to have a cute set to put out. Here are some paper options as well as a Lilly options to make the season bright.

Bubbles                      When you are drinking             Llamas 

Woody Wagon                               Lilly Flamingo                       Lilly Seahorse

3) Breakfast

One of my favorite hostess gifts to bring, no matter what time of year, is breakfast for the next day. Muffins or croissants for the family to enjoy are usually my go to. After a late night of partying and the dreaded cleaning up, it's a nice little treat to have waiting for the next day.

4) Hot chocolate

Who doesn't love a Good cup of fancy hot chocolate? A quality hot chocolate mix is always a Good idea and something the whole family can enjoy all season long. Choose something like salted caramel, peppermint or white chocolate for nice twist.

5) Paperwhite kits

Paperwhite are truly one of my favorite things about the holiday season. I love that you can grow flowers, basically in water, indoors that smell so beautiful. You can make a simple paperwhite bulb kit with a pretty vase, some rocks or decorate stones and the bulbs. You can also purchase these kits such as the one below. As the flowers bloom, your hostess will think of you.

So I hope I inspired you today for some really Good hostess gifts at  really Good price points. Feel free to share your Best hostess gift ideas in the comments below.

Now get ready to party!

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  1. I LOVE that idea of bringing breakfast for the family- SO thoughtful! Thank you for sharing Patti :)


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