What's Up Wednesday: July 2017

What We Are Eating This Week:

Sunday: It was ribs and rose' night as I am testing some products for an upcoming post.

Monday: Chicken with sun dried tomatoes, rice and cucumber fennel salad.

Tuesday: It was just Hockey Guy and me for dinner so we had turkey burgers and hot dogs. I had the turkey burger.

Wednesday: I have one of my treatments today, so what we have for dinner will really depend on how I feel. We seriously just might have sandwiches.

Thursday: Grilled chicken, not sure of my sides yet.

Friday: Pizza night...always!

What I'm Reminiscing About

With our upcoming trip to Massachusetts next month, I am reminiscing about all the places I want to take Hockey Guy in the short time we are there. Most of them involve food!

I am also reminiscing about how rambunctious our dog was this time a year ago before he went to his board and train program. He really has calmed down so much and we have all worked so hard. We made a Good choice to send him there last summer.

Looking at us all so innocent

What I Am Loving:

Aveda hair products-I went back to using Aveda hair products this summer after really fighting a wave in my hair that I really didn't want. It was not a Good wave. Rosemary Mint shampoo/conditioner combined with Confixor gel mixed with Smooth Infusion is the only thing really keeping my hair straight after I blow it out. Ah Confixor my old friend! 

Lune + Aster Real Glow Primer- I have been using their BB cream and love it. Recently I got a sample of the primer and started using it and it is the Best. I even wore it without the BB cream on Sunday to church with just power over it because it was so very hot out and it looked amazing. It is available at Blue Mercury.

Oka-B shoes-I have been talking about Oka-B shoes all summer because I do think they have helped make my plantar faciitis Better. They were having their vault sale and I did pick up a few more pairs including some wedges in camel...because I can wear those to work...right?

What We've Been Up To:

Vacation-We were in Bethany Beach, DE again this year for the 4th of July. It is always a Good week but Running Daddy thinks that this was the Best week yet. You can read more about our week in Bethany Beach and other vacation destinations here.

Pool time- We are also trying to have as much pool time as possible lately even if we can only run over there for an hour or so.

Bitch Sesh Podcast Live- My friend, my adult niece and I went to see Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider's live podcast of Bitch Sesh. We could only get tickets to the 2pm show but it did not disappoint. If you live Housewives and Bravo, these ladies are the Best. I laughed, I cheered, I screamed. Pure Joy on a Sunday afternoon complete with a little wine.

What I Am Dreading: 

I am not so much dreading as am anxious about my work/life balance in August. Around here there are not many camps in August as so many families travel this month. I have about three weeks I am cobbling together between a friend that is going to hang with Hockey Guy for a few days, working from home, Running Daddy working from home and vacation days. I know it will all be fine, but the whole thing makes me anxious on so many levels.

What I Am Working On:

We are currently working on putting our house back together after our renovation. We are figuring out what furniture still works and what doesn't. We do need a new couch and want the space to be very casual and fun. Not sure what that concept looks like yet but we will be checking out some furniture options this weekend. Once I land on something and get Running Daddy on board with the design concepts I am Good to go. 

I am also working on this blog a lot. Good Better Best Food has come a long way this year and some very fun opportunities are coming my way, Thank you to everyone that takes time out of your day to read and comment on Good Better Best Food. You all bring me such Joy! Say tuned for more fun in the next few weeks.

What I am Excited About: 

I am excited that we are down to the punch list on our renovation. It will be so Good to have our house finally finished. Our renovation started mid-January and it was a big renovation so we have been working around the construction for almost eight months. 

I was also excited to learn late last week that the medication I am on for lupus which I currently have to take as an infusion at the hospital every month will be available as a home injection starting this fall. I have already emailed my doctor to see if I am a candidate and if we can get this process started. You can learn more about my journey with lupus here and a two part series on Benlysta here and here.

What I Am Watching/Reading:

Hockey Guy and I are still loving Word of Dance and getting a kick out of America's Got Talent. Southern Charm just finished up and I am deep into Real Housewives of New York and Real Housewives of Orange County. Real Housewives of Dallas...I am coming your way next month.  I watch a lot of Bravo...I know.

We just finished up Christmas Keepsake Week on the Hallmark Channel where yes, we watched Christmas movies in July. Now I have to wait until October 27 until they start showing them non-stop until New Year's. 

From Christmas movies we rolled right into Shark Week. The boys , two legged and four legged, are very excited about this but I do love it as well.

Lately, the only thing I am reading is a lot of Better Homes and Gardens for design inspiration for our family room and guest room. I still think that magazine is the Best for real-life living.

What I am Listening To:

I listen to a lot of podcasts. My podcast choices either involve Housewives or Jesus which I know is an odd combination. Depending on my mood, they really help me feel Good on my commute to and from work.

A couple of weeks ago Jamie Ivey had Lisa Harper on as a guest. I wrote about the impact that this interview had on me here. This is a really Good episode and the link to Jamie and Lisa are the same link.

What I am Wearing:

I am loving this outfit with this cute shorts I got at the Loft outlet while we are on vacation.

Necklace similar here

And these two skirts from Loft seem to be the staple of my summer work wardrobe lately.

What I Am Doing This Weekend:

Friday night Hockey Guy is going to have a couple of friends swim for a little bit after camp. Saturday we will swim a little more and then we are going to go furniture shopping and out to dinner. Sunday we might be taking some blog photos, more pool time and then I may hit Barre 3 class in the late afternoon.

What I Am Looking Forward To Next Month:

Hopefully if the weather holds out the night it is scheduled, we are going to get tickets to see Jurassic Park outdoors with a live symphony orchestra. Cross your fingers for Good weather.

Hockey Guy also has a birthday in August so we are ready to celebrate him. 

We are also taking a trip up to Boston to see my parents. It's a quick trip but we have already mapped out our favorite places we want to go and eat. 

Hockey Guy goes back to school the end of August so we will be prepping for that. We will hit the tax free weekend that first weekend which is always a help for any budget. Although Hockey Guy wears a uniform he still needs new uniforms and things like shoes and socks. Tax free weekend is such a Good time to stock up on these items. We also need to start thinking about things like locker shelves and all the fun things for his new locker. I may want to get on the locker part right now before the fun stuff sells out.

What Else Is New:

We are really trying to enjoy summer despite our schedules. Running Daddy and I are crazy busy at work. August is usually pretty quite in this town but I always seem to have projects that keep me busy while all of my Facebook friends are in way Better places like Nantucket. Hoping that the traffic will be lighter in August and I can take a few days to spend with Hockey Guy and make our home look really Good after the renovation.

Hockey Guy also got braces and he had a lot of fun picking out the colors.

Bonus Question of the Month--Favorite Thing About Summer:

Friday night pizza at our pool is our favorite thing and such a Good thing to look forward to after a long week!

This is what is up in the Good Better Best household. Be sure to join me back here on Friday for Friday Favorites.


  1. I am in love with those cherry shorts!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I love them too. If you have a Loft Outlet near you they may still have them and they are probably really on sale at this point. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Have a Good week!


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