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It's that time again to link up with A Gal Named AlMom's Coffee dateCoast to CoastMommy In A Nutshell and Pink Lady and this month's topic is travel tips and destinations.

Summer vacation: Bethany Beach, DE

This woody wagon and boat are the Best!

We always go to Bethany Beach, DE over the fourth of July. It is the Best little beach town about three hours from where we live and such a family friendly place. The boardwalk is only about two blocks long with a bandstand, fudge, ice cream and little preppy stores. I get such Joy when we are coming back from downtown at night, usually on our bikes, from all of the people just out and about and getting an ice cream. Most of the traffic is either on foot or on bike.

Beach hair...don't care

I detailed more about Bethany and all of my packing tips for a beach destination in a post back in May. You can read all of those tips and tricks here

One new place that Hockey Guy and Running Daddy found was Sandy Pony Donuts. They are a food truck with homemade donuts with all kinds of toppings. Since I cannot eat gluten, I couldn't have them but they smelled amazing. We rode over there every morning once we discovered them and it was the Best news to find out they have a store in a town we often play hockey in. Hockey Guy said that the Porky Pony (bacon and brown sugar) was the Best one.

Other travel destinations:

Atlantis Resort

Since Hockey Guy was born our major vacations in addition to Bethany Beach, DE have been to Jackson Hole, WY; Disney three times and Atlantis in the Bahamas. We have also made some mini trips to Hershey Park, Deep Creek, MD and Williamsburg, VA on several occasions because they are so close. For our tenth anniversary, Running Daddy and I went to the beautiful Inn at Perry Cabin which was also featured in the movie Wedding Crashers.

A couple thoughts about Atlantis and Disney. As a family, we really love Atlantis. It can be pricey but it was a blast and we never got bored even though we didn't really leave the resort. One thing to keep in mind about Atlantis is that it is probably Better to wait until your kids are 48 inches tall so that they can go on the big water slides.

While we have been to Disney three times, two of them were work trips, we always stayed at a Disney property. For us, it is the only way we would do Disney. One of the Best parts about staying on property is the Magical Express that takes you from the airport directly to the hotel. You never pick up your bags at baggage claim and then your luggage magically appears in your room later. There is no additional fee for this service if you are staying at any Disney property.

The other thing we typically do when we stay at Disney is upgrade to the Club level. The first time we went to Disney we were magically upgraded upon check in to the Club level and it was really a Good option. We kind of priced things out and since you get breakfast, snacks, beverages (including beer and wine), heavy appetizers at night and other amenities, we figured out that for the three of us it might not be that much more to stay in Club level as opposed to a regular room. I know everyone has different budgets, but take a look at a Club level option if it might meet your budget.

Potential Future Trips:

So I am considering going to Universal Studios Orlando this spring break. I think it might be a Good option for about three or four days. I go back and fourth between Universal and Atlantis again. If anyone has any Good tips on Universal feel free to leave them in the comments or email me directly. 

I am also thinking that in the next couple of years when Hockey Guy gets into later middle school or high school it would be a Good time to head to Europe. Probably either Italy or London would Good options but the boys really want to hit the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo at one point too.

So there are my travel tips and hopefully future plans. Feel free to leave me your Best travel destination in the comments below too.


  1. I didn't know about the Disney Express. We've only been once and it was almost 14 years ago, so I wonder if it was available back then? Great to know! Thanks for linking up!

    1. It's an awesome service and they also take care of everything on the way out too. You drop off your bags at the hotel in the morning and they get them on the plane for you. It's amazing.

  2. I have a friend going to Atlantis next January, just her and her hubby! Any suggestions for them? They are excited to get away! xoxo ERIN

    1. Erin,

      If they haven't made their dinner reservations, they should make them sooner rather than later. I also think there is an adults only pool.

      If they drink, there is a liquor store just outside the resort if they want to pick up some adult beverages to keep in the room.

      Bring sports bottles as bottled water is very expensive at the resort. I brought ones that collapse.

      It is such a fun place.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and for reading Good Better Best.

      Have the Best weekend!

  3. I'm so excited for my Disney Trip- and Jackson Hole would be amazing to visit! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Hi,

      Having a little Disney envy at the moment! Thanks for taking the time to comment and for reading Good Better Best.

      Have the Best weekend,

  4. I lived in Delaware for 3 years and have never been to DE beaches! Even now we are back in Jersey and we always go to the Jersey Shore. Sounds like a fun day trip!

  5. Love the Jersey Shore! You should take the Cape May ferry over to DE. The ferry alone is so fun!

    If you ever want info on the Delaware Beaches feel free to message me.

    Thanks for commenting and have the Best weekend!


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