Good Better Best Canned Wine Pro/Am Review

To kick off summer, Wine Gal K and I decided to do a Pro/Am canned wine tasting as we had dinner at our pool. Wine Gal K has taken many fancy wine tasting courses and she is my go to friend when I need advice on wine. Therefore, she is the pro and well, I am the amateur. 

Canned wine is a new thing and great for summer as they are portable and stay cold due to the can. We tasted five of them and actually some of them were very Good. We tried to group them from lightest to heaviest but at one point Wine Gal K said we should have ordered a little differently. Is canned wine a fad? Is it a hipster thing?Are they any GoodWe tasted them first so you don't have to.

1) Underwood Pinot Gris-This wine retails for about $12 per can and you should be able to get two or three decent size glasses out of one can. This wine was crisp but definitely should be served as cold as possible. The can will help to get and keep the wine chilled. In general, I would say that this is a Good wine for summer purposes. Perfect on the nights at the pool or on the patio when you will be the only one drinking white. 

2) Alloy Every Day Rose- Ah rose, so many Good ones and so many pink bottles of bletch too. This rose is light in color which in my book is key. As much as I love the color pink, I don't like my rose too pink. This is another wine that should be served very cold, again where the can comes in handy. This wine is very dry and there is a slight bubble on the back of the tongue at the finish. The tasting notes say that there are hints of strawberry and even Sour Patch Kids. We got the strawberry taste but not the Sour Patch Kids. The can is the size of a "tall boy" so at around $9 this is a Good value for three to four glasses of wine.

3) Margerum Riviera Rose-Spoiler alert, this is the one that I thought was the Best and not just because it had the prettiest can. Usually the design of the bottle or the funny label backfires when you buy wine, but this pretty rose is as lovely as the can it comes in. This Santa Barbara rose made from grenache grapes is about $12 per can and you should be able to get about four glasses of wine out of this tall girl. The aroma of this wine is very floral and you may even get a hint of green apple. There is a pop of citrus when you taste it. It is so light in color, it doesn't even really look like a stereotypical rose. You could almost pass this off as white wine to people who think they don't like rose. Is it Whispering Angel, no but really what is? 

4) Sofia Blanc de Blanc: Let's have a little fun with bubbles. What could be Better for a girls night or bachelorette party? This is the one that once we got into the tasting Wine Gal K said it would have been a Better idea to put earlier in the line up. I have actually had this before and it is fun and comes with a little bendy straw. This wine is made by Coppola vineyards of the movie fame and you can get a four pack of the cans for around $20.

There is an effervescence the minute you open the can and on the tongue as you taste it. This is less dry than I remembered and Wine Gal K probably would have put this second in order for tasting in hindsight. 

I think this wine is Good if you want to bring the fun to the party or have just a little celebration and don't want to open an entire bottle of champagne. These little babies really say party and are Good if you want to be the "fun one" for the night.

5) Alloy Pinot Noir- Alloy Wine Works is really a leader in the canned wine industry. They are working hard to marry Good wine with an inventive packaging. Much like the craft beer industry they are working to be the craft wine industry. This red is a very dry, young pinot noir. It is light in color and definitely has the taste of white pepper on the tongue. At $10 for this tall boy, it is perfect for around the camp fire or taking in the scenery during a hike. In full disclosure, I don't camp or hike. I don't even glamp.

In general, I think these are five Good canned wines that you can choose from should you be at the beach, pool, or on your glamping trip. This was a fun experiment and I am so glad that I could include some professional tasting notes from Wine Gal K for my Good Better Best readers.

Have you tried any of these canned wines or have one that you think is the Best of the bunch? Leave a note in the comments with your recommendations.

It's just the beginning of summer and Wine Gal K and I are thinking of doing some more Pro/Am wine reviews. What would you like us to review? Definitely thinking more rose but we are open to suggestions so feel free to leave those in the comments too. Remember, we taste them first so you don't have to.

Enjoy the Best a can.


  1. I love tastings and wine, count me in next time;)

  2. Absolutely! We have more Pro/Ams coming and yes...we will take requests!


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