What's Up Wednesday May 2017

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What We're Eating this Week

We are having more than sparkling wine in a can!

Sunday-My friend Wine Gal K and I did a canned wine tasting during dinner at the pool that I reviewed earlier in the week. Some of them were actually Good, so be sure to check out the review so you can choose the Best right off the bat. 

We made way too much food for only seven people. We had chicken, ribs, flank steak and grilled vegetables. There was fruit, kale salad and appetizers a plenty.

Monday-Since my lupus was acting up, thankfully we had plenty of the steak and grilled vegetables left. I heated up the steak, veggies, black beans, some corn tortillas and we had make our own taco/fajita night.

Tuesday-Thursday-This is going to be a very busy week with lacrosse practice, book reports, infusions for me and middle school step up night. I am glad there is a lot of Good easy to prepare food in the house. I have plenty of lean lunch meats, turkey burgers, Amylu chicken burgers and fruit that can be made very quickly.

Friday-We will be going right from lacrosse practice to the year end sports banquet. Hockey Guy and Running Daddy should be able to grab some pizza then but there probably won't be any gluten free options there, so I will have to figure something out for myself.

What I am Reminiscing About

With middle school step up night happening this week I am reminiscing about Hockey Guys time at our school. He will still be at the same school next year but will be in the middle school building. This school has been such a Good fit for him and he has literally grown up there. 

What I am Loving

I am loving the way our basement renovation is shaping up, especially the chalkboard paint Hockey Guy and I decided to do above the new bar. I cannot wait for this project to be completed. Sometimes Running Daddy and I walk downstairs and say "I cannot believe this is our house." Looking forward to sharing more renovation posts with you all in the future.

I am also loving my Mary bracelet from Alex and Ani that I got for serving on the PTO executive committee at Hockey Guy's school for the last four years. It was such a nice surprise and I love wearing it. I have a silver one that is similar to the one below.

What We've Been Up To

Our pool opened this weekend but the weather hasn't been Good so we only had dinner there. Running Daddy and Hockey Guy did go on Sunday when I wasn't feeling well, they said the water was super cold.

We are also marching towards the end of the school year and I know everyone is feeling it. This grade is hard and there are projects, book reports and still more tests. We are so close to the end but the race isn't over yet.

The beginning of summer also means the passing around of camp schedules for carpool. I think we have some really fun things planned for Hockey Guy with his buddies and we have such a great group of families to support each other.

What I am Dreading

Last month I mentioned I was dreading putting everything back after the basement renovation. All I can say is...same. I am excited to have our renovation finished soon, but the thought of unpacking and figuring out where things go is daunting. I think I am going to use some vacation days in July and August to spend some time in the house alone. This will give me time to think about what goes where and what we still need to purchase for accessories.

What I am Working On

Camp carpools, vacation packing lists, and final summer plans. 

We are literally currently working on measurements for painting stripes on the walls for the gym renovation as the windows are not exactly even. Ah, nothing is Better than a quirky old house.

What I am Excited About

I am excited about Friday nights at the pool. It's one of our favorite things and really gets me through the work week. We get pizza, wine, root beer for Hockey Guy and just see who is there. The kids swim and sometimes they have movies. 

I am also excited for middle school step up night. This is a big occasion for Hockey Guy and one that I know he is looking forward to. He's not just a big kid in the upper hall, he is a big kid at school now too. This is going to be Good for him.

What I am Watching

-Southern Charm: But only the Charleston version. I really tried with Savannah but after a few weeks Savannah just didn't get Better. 

-Bachelorette: Have we talked about the fact that I have watched every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette since it started in 2002? I am not watching Rachel's season live at this point because it is on the same time as Southern Charm and frankly, Southern Charm is Running Daddy's favorite. Bachelorette on demand it is. When Southern Charm is finished I will go back to watching live. Honestly, I really am over all of the gimmicks coming out of the limo with penguin costumes etc. Whaboom Guy the other night...I rest my case.

-Real Housewives of New York: I am a week behind and I need to get caught up because what is crazier than a trip to Dorinda's Berkshires house? #Ididitnice

What I am Listening to

As I have mentioned before I listen to a lot of podcasts on my commute. Mostly entertainment but I have really gotten into Jamie Ivey, Being Boss and One Part Podcast.

Speaking of One Part Podcast, the host, Jessica Murnane has another podcast series called the Cookbook Deal. This is a fascinating podcast because it chronicles Jessica's journey to produce her first cookbook, One Part Plant. It's a peek into the publishing world as well as all the crazy things that happened in Jessica's life the year she was writing the book. I am not going to lie, I am slightly obsesses with this podcast as it probably the Best podcast I have ever listened to.

What I am Wearing

Since the weather is so unpredictable lately, I am swinging back between shorts and sweatshirts, but I do have a few Good outfits too.

Loft Eyelet Skirt: I have been wearing this skirt a lot. It's really Good for work and I love wearing it. Here is the pro styling. 

 Here is how I styled it:

*Note, I still not Good with the mirror selfies, so please feel free to leave any advice in the comments.

White jeans, tunic and Jack Rogers: Saturday night we went to a party and I wore my white skinny jeans, a red, white and blue crab tunic and my favorite Jack Rogers sandals. This is one of my Best summer outfits.

This was my look.
Image result for top it off crab tunic

Jeans/Shoes/Tunic (sold out) 

What I'm Doing this Weekend

Lacrosse playoffs start this weekend and they are single elimination. So I know we play Saturday but who knows where we go from there. The game is about an hour away so maybe we will try to find some lunch after the game. Hopefully we will play on Sunday too, but for now we Better just take it game by game.

I hope they do well. Last year they were the runners up in the finals and it would be so Good to see them go all the way. But for now...game by game. 

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

End of the school year-I am looking forward to Hockey Guy finishing up this  year and becoming one of the big kids at school.

Lacrosse-Hopefully we will be seeing a lot of Good lacrosse games and advancing in the playoffs.

Home Renovation-Looking forward to the inside of our house being finished and finally having the house really clean after all of the construction. It will be Good not to have everything everywhere and finally have a home that is renovated, clean and organized. Plus I cannot wait to share the Before and After photos will all of my Good Better Best readers.

What Else is New

Since this will be the last post of May, here are all of my May Good Better Best Food posts in case you missed them. This is a Good peek into what I have been up to.

May Bonus Question-Favorite Vacation Spot

About three years ago we went to Atlantis for Easter break and we loved it. Yes, it's pricey but we thought it was the Best location for us especially at the time. We cannot wait to go back. I have some other ideas for this spring break so maybe 2019? Feel free to leave your Best vacation spot in the comments.

Let me know What's Up with your May in the comments below.


  1. I've always wanted to go to Atlantis!! Love Loft- I indulged in their sale this past weekend :-)

    1. Atlantis is the Best. We love it there and we even like it Better than Disney and we love Disney.

      Loft really has made a strong comeback this season. I love almost everything they have in the store right now and have such fun wearing that skirt. The white jeans I posted got me over my white jean phobia last summer.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I really appreciate it.


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