The Truth is…I’m Struggling Too

It’s been a long time since my last post. Our life, like a lot of you who read Good Better Best Food, has been a whirlwind of school starting, sports practices, homework nudging, keeping up with our day jobs (did I mention it’s an election year), dog walking, laundry doing, trying to keep my health situation in check but still trying to get a healthy meal on the table almost every night. And the truth is….I am struggling.
This fall, and even this whole year I have felt off. I feel behind, I am late getting things done, not crossing off my to do list items in a timely manner, not talking to family enough and at times running on empty. For a type A person like myself, this is challenging. I am not blogging (even though I want to), I am not gardening (oh how I want to plant fall bulbs and those beautiful mums) and at times struggled to get dinner on the table. No we are not headed to drive-through city, but this has been a challenge especially one night of the week. It’s called Tuesday friends…otherwise known as now the Sweet Boy has an extra hockey practice on a week night and it lasts 90 minutes.
This is what Tuesday evening looks like now. I pick up the Sweet Boy and then head to the hockey rink in my day job finest. I’m all fancy to go into the smelly locker room to help him get his gear on. It’s one thing on the weekends when I can drop Running Daddy and the Sweet Boy at the door, park, drink my coffee in my Red Sox hat and find the warm spot in the stands. Tuesday nights…I am a hockey mom in heels. He’s old enough to get most of his gear on without help and his super duper coaches are always so nice to tie his skates (lest I fear if I do them he will break an ankle). Then off he goes for 90 minutes to do what he loves and I love to watch him skate.
hockey glass
Running Daddy joins us post work and terrier walk and after 90 minutes we have a sweaty, smelly (have you even smelled the hockey smell…it’s unique) Sweet Boy. By the time we get home, it’s closer to his bed time than dinner time and there is still a little homework to be done, a shower still to be had, and oh yeah…dinner. The dinner part has really been an experiment on Tuesday nights. I have tried the crockpot with either a lot of failure or things the Sweet Boy doesn’t like. I have gotten recipes for one pot pastas which look cool, but I have not been able to get it together enough to try them on a Tuesday. Casseroles…forget it. It takes too long to heat up the oven and most have to then cook for 30 minutes.
Then it donned on me. I need to go back to basics with the principals of Good Better Best Food. I need to stop torturing myself and just make Tuesday nights, drumroll please…..burger and dog night. Yup, there it is and it is going to have to be Good enough.
image image
Running Daddy and the Sweet Boy are always Good with a burger and dog night. I can still Good Better Best our Tuesday nights with a hot dog on a whole grain bun, beef or turkey burger with avocado, steamed veggies or a quick salad and either organic frozen brown rice or sweet potato fries. It’s quick (I can almost have it done by the time shower night is finished), there’s nutrients in there, and even a tired, sweaty Sweet Boy will eat it before he does more homework and hits bed. Most importantly, this is why I developed Good Better Best Food all those years ago. For a while, I lost sight of the true principals of Good Better Best Food and I have now found my way back.
So there it is. The truth and frankly, I feel Better just writing this post. I am going to try to write more often, because it is what I truly love. There are lots of times when a post is all up in my head and I can’t muster up the energy to get it on paper. But how I love this fun quick concept about getting a Good dinner on the table and it makes me smile when people end a work call and say…”Oh and I love your blog.”
If you have a go to dinner that is super-fast and yummy, please leave it in the comment section and I will try to give you ways to Good Better Best that meal. Let’s help each other out with meal suggestions. Working moms, stay at home moms (hey dads too), traveling singles, empty nesters we all can work together to Enjoy the Best Food!

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