Friday Five--Bring on 2015

So although we are more than two weeks into 2015, I am delving into the topic of resolutions. Not just about food and healthy living, which is the cornerstone of Good Better Best Food, but also ways that are going to make me live happier.

This blog didn't get written when I wanted to due to technical difficulties--think hard drive crash the week before Christmas---nightmare.  Then on New Year's Eve....I got the flu, and yes I got a flu shot this year--double nightmare.  I have spent the last two weeks trying to shake the aftermaths of this flu and it's not fun or easy.

So now onto my personal resolutions for 2015, Friday Five style. 

1. Take the compliment: I have decided that when someone pays me a compliment I am just going to say "thank you".  Not "oh please this dress is so old" or "I am so tired today", just say thank you. 

2. Relaxing music to and from work: It snowed last week, sort of.  As I got into the car to drive to work I decided to hook up the radio from my phone and listen to some David Foster radio.  I almost floated into work.  I arrived relaxed and like my commute didn't take any time at all.  What I found is that I had such a better week shutting out the noise of talk radio and the latest Kardashian escapade.

3. No wine during the week: Having the flu meant that I didn't have my nightly glass of Sauvignon Blanc with dinner.  Typically just one but if you read this blog with any regularity, you know I like my wine.  I also know that wine does cause inflammation and with my underlying health conditions this is not really the best combination for me.  As I am recovering I am finding that I do feel Better without my nightly glass of wine.  Let's try to just reserve this for Friday and Saturday nights only, well and the occasional girls night.

4. Cup of warm water every morning: With the flu, I spent a lot of time reading things about health on the internet.  I know not always the most reliable source.  One article that I found said that your body detoxes a lot while you sleep, and if you drink a cup of warm water (usually I drink cold) in the morning it really helps to flush things out of your system.  It's just a cup of warm water so what can it hurt?  I have been doing this for almost two weeks now and I do think that there is something to this.

5. Spend more time with people I really like: I always feel like I am rushing around and interacting with people that I have to interact with.  I have decided that this year, I going to make an effort to spend time with people I really like. 

I believe every day can be Good, but there are lot of things I can be Better at, especially where it comes to my own enjoyment and self care.  I truly believe that if I work on concepts listed in this Friday Five, I can make 2015 the Best year yet.

Share your resolutions with me in the comments or feel free to ask for ideas to help you with your resolutions.

Have the Best year!


  1. Thanks Patty, for posting this. I hope 2015 is a great year for you and the boys!

  2. Thanks. Hope you have a great 2015 too. xoxo Patty


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