A Good Better Best Food New Year

Happy New Year Good Better Best Food readers!  I don't know about you, but Running Daddy and I feel like all we did was eat from Halloween on, and while it was fun...it's time to start fresh.

I personally love New Year's Day.  I love the idea of a whole New Year and a clean slate.  I also love New Year's Day because Running Daddy and I met on New Year's Day eight years ago!

Many people resolve to eat healthy or lose weight as a New Year's Resolution.  If Good Better Best Food can help in any way let me know!  I can help you:

-Make-over a recipe
-Help you stock your pantry with healthy food
-Come up with healthy lunch box ideas for your kids
-Help you get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less
-Simplify your grocery shopping

Just send me an email, leave a Facebook comment or leave a blog comment and have your family and friends do the same.

Good Better Best Food is totally focused on healthy eating made quick and easy. Remember, it all starts with a Good healthy recipe, to make Better add in an organic, whole grain, farmers market or home grown.  To make Best in multiple elements of organic, whole grain, farmers market and home grown.

What are my Good Better Best Food New Year's Resolutions?

-Two week detox of eating only protein and veggies, so sugar (Day 1 went very well)
-Keep eating the Good Better Best Food way
-Keep working out at lunch as I have been 2-3 days per week
-Update the Good Better Best Foods blog at least once per week
-And Running Daddy and I have the same New Year's Resolution every year...drink more champagne!

Happy 2012!  Enjoy the Best Food!

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