Good Better Best Kitchen Helpers-Frontier Soups

While I try to cook most things from scratch, especially for dinner, sometimes we all need a little help in the kitchen.  When the temperatures drop, I love to put on a good pot of soup.  Most of the time I make my soups from scratch but every now and then I use a mix.  I have tried a lot of other soup mixes but the ones I think are the best are from Frontier Soups.

I have probably been buying Frontier Soups for almost ten years and they are always yummy.  They have some that take a couple of hours to cook and they also the Homemade in Minutes line.  No matter which you choose they are made with natural ingredients and are easy to Good, Better, Best.

It's so easy to Good, Better, Best with Frontier Soups as many of them start with Good, Better, Best staples such as the whole grain beans and wild rice.  Add in organic stock or chicken to these soups and you have an easy Good, Better, Best meal!

I recently purchased the Gluten Free sampler and have made basically one soup per week.  We had some crazy weather a couple of weeks ago with wet snow in October and a fun event at the Sweet Boy's school.  When we were finished with the event we all just wanted to get warm, so we all put on our house pants, turned on a movie and started a pot of the Wisconsin Lakeshore Wild Rice Soup.  It was very tasty and just the thing for a bad weather day.

The next Friday night I was having a girls night to help support my friend's business, so I made the Illinois Prairie Corn Chowder.  I put all of the ingredients in the crockpot and let it cook all day.  Perfect meal for shopping with a nice glass of white wine!

Last weekend, California Gold Rush White Bean Chili cooked all day in the crockpot while I worked the Open House at the Sweet Boy's school and was ready when we got home from hockey practice.

With the busy holiday season, these soups are just the thing to have cooking while you run errands or attend a nieghborhood gathering.  They also make great gifts, especially for teachers.  And many are gluten free!

So check out Frontier Soups and don't forget to Good, Better, Best them.  I am thinking the Chicago Bistro French Onion Soup for this weekend...Running Daddy loves French Onion Soup!

Enjoy the Best Food!

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