Monthly Musings June 2022-Summer Travel

Hey there Besties! I have been down for the count with the dreaded stomach bug but I wanted to come back with my musings on Summer travel. This is going to be such a fun topic.

1. Favorite Summer Destination?

Hilton Head Island, SC is our favorite place in the summer. We feel so relaxed and far away when we are there. I currently have the countdown to departure on my calendar. We cannot wait to get there.

Sea Pines Beach Club

2. Do You Prefer Warm or Cold Trips?

Warm all the way.

3. Are You Traveling This Summer? Flying? Driving?

When we go to Hilton Head we always drive. This year we are going to informally look at some schools for Hockey Guy on the way down and back. Driving allows us the flexibility to look at schools on our own schedule.

4. Ocean? Lake? Mountains?

We typically have an ocean vacation but I wouldn't mind some lake time. Running Daddy doesn't mind a lake vacation for a long weekend but he prefers the beach for a week.

5. Best Travel Trips to Share?

Here are my two Best tips for traveling if you are renting a house or condo.

Tip #1-If they have a grocery store where you can order your groceries ahead, do it! I always order our vacation groceries from the Harris Teeter outside of the resort gate. Who wants to spend time grocery shopping on vacation? The answer would one!

Ordering your groceries ahead gives you time to think about what you want and need while also watching your food budget. 

I always order for the first Sunday morning pickup slot so that we have plenty of food right away. I also bring coffee, cereal, and nonperishable creamers for Saturday morning and then we usually pick up milk on our first night.

Tip #2-If you have a washer and dryer in your unit, do your laundry the last day so that you come home with the majority of your laundry done before you get home. Somehow it seems Better to have the laundry running while you are at the beach instead of spending the whole first day back doing laundry.

7. Overpacker? Underpacker?    

I am a bit of an overpacker but not a horrible overpacker. I always like to leave room in my suitcase for shopping!

8. Vacation Planned in Advance? Last MInute Adventures?

I am not sure I have ever been on a trip that was planned at the last minute. Not sure what that says about me.

9. Group Vacations or Your Immediate Family Only?

We typically travel the three of us. We have so little time with Hockey Guy before he heads to college that we really like to just spend time with the three of us. 

10. If You Have Them Do You Travel with Your Pets?

We don't typically travel with Stormy. He goes to the Best place where he can run around all day and then has a private room at night. 

We did go to Deep Creek Lake the weekend after the election in 2016 and brought him. He really loved it. 

Glad you could stop by for all things travel. Be sure to check out the other writers that link up with us. There are some very fun and talented ladies who join us every month/

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  1. Aw, sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon!! - Sarah

  3. Glad to see you're feeling better! We have grocery delivery available at our rental this summer and I am definitely thinking about ordering groceries ahead and trying that out; it's not something we have at home!


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