Friday Favorites: Best Eye Cream, Better Mascara, Groundbreaking Hallmark Movie, Cute Summer Shoes and Easy Barbeque for Busy Nights


Hey Besties! Whew, what a week. I am so glad to be here in this space today. It truly brings me Joy. I have quick list of Friday Favorites for the weekly link-up with Erika and Andrea. Are you ready? Let's go.

1. Clarins Total Lift Eye Cream

One of the very fun things about being a blogger is that I am often sent products to try. This spring I was sent the Clarins Total Eye Lift to try and I am about to buy it. It has really helped my puffiness and dark circles and is totally fine with my sensitive eyes.

It is on the pricier side, but I think when it comes to eye creams, especially one with such Good results. 

2. Ilia Fullest Mascara

I have been on a multi-year quest to find a mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes, and a plus if it is a clean beauty product. No lie, a multi-year quest. I think I have finally landed on the Ilia Fullest Mascara as my current option. 

My eyes are way less irritated with this mascara and it seems to have some staying power.

3. Color My World With Love

Did you happen to catch this sweet movie when it premiered this month on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries? This is the first Hallmark movie where the romantic leads both have a disability. This movie is sweet, it has heart and really tackled the challenge of letting go.

This one is going on my must-watch again this year.

And don't forget, the Christmas movies have already started on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Christmas in July on Hallmark starts next Friday, July 1. I. Can't. Wait. Am I the only one who watches Christmas movies in July? Oh who am I kidding, I watch them all year long.

4. Charleston Shoe Company

I have been looking at the Charleston Shoe company for a while now. Their moto is "cobblestones to cocktails" and strive to have cute shoes that are comfortable too.

A few weeks ago I ordered the Monterrey shoe and I am really loving it. It has a super supportive ankle strang, a Good heel and comfort. They are such a Good work shoe.

If you want to try the Charleston Shoe company, use this link and you can save 20% off your first order. Some of the reviews do say that they run narrow, so keep that in mind. My feet and ankles are on the narrower side, so I did not find that a problem.

5. Niman Ranch Pulled Pork

We had this pulled pork for dinner last night and it was the Best. I grabbed it as an add-on with our Butcher Box this past month. I heated it up in four minutes in the microwave and served on a roll for the guys and then just plated for me. It's mind blowingly Good and so easy on those nights when you are pressed for time or tired. It was lightly sauced which we all loved, because we don't like barbeque that is sloppy with sauce.

This was recommended by one of our high school friends and his mom, who is one of my Besties, told me he can eat it as a second dinner on the regular. Not sure if this is an exclusive Butcher Box product, but you might be able to find it in stores. From now on I am going to add it to my Butcher Box every month. Frankly, I will probably add two of them.

Not sure if this is an exclusive Butcher Box product, but you might be able to find it in stores.

If you want to try Butcher Box and get amazing meat every month like the Niman Ranch pulled pork, you can use my code and save $30 on your first box. Use the code here

Don't forget that next Thursday is Monthly Musings so Holly and I will be posting our topics on Monday.

Thanks for joining me today. It really felt so Good.


  1. Fun to get a quick update on what’s going on and I love the product reviews. Laura Y.

    1. I only really publish product reviews that are truly Good products. So much never makes this site. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Friday.


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