Monthly Musings May 2022-


Ok, Besties, before I start I just want to take a moment and say that just because I am posting here about summer fashion, I am not tone deaf to what happened this week in Texas. I never want to come across as insensitive because I am posting about summer fashion, but also what happened is not about me. I truly believe that God put me on this earth to spread a little Joy and if I can give anyone a moment to step away from the heaviness of this heartbreaking week, then that is what I want to do.

Thank you for joining Holly and me for Monthly Musings. This month we are joining a group of talented writers to talk summer fashion. Let's do this.

1. Favorite summer footwear?

I have really two brands I wear regularly in the summer, especially for casual times. I love Jack Rogers and Oka B.

I bought the Jack Rogers Georgica leather sandal with the cork soles a few years ago and totally love them. They have the comfort of a Birkenstock with a preppy twist.

While I wear these all the time in the summer, I love my classic Jacks too. I have this pair in platinum and they literally go with everything.

The other brand I wear all summer is Oka-B. They are made in the USA, recyclable, and totally comfortable. I have a version of the pair below and I truly believe they helped heal my plantar fasciitis. You also can't beat the price point.

2. Favorite summer accessories?

Really I love the shoes above but I also love a Good straw bag.

3. Must have summer beauty products?

I love a Good tinted moisturizer and use the Ever Daylight tinted moisturizer  all year long. This product has clean ingredients and great coverage.

I have also switched over to the new Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Blush and love it. I have not been much of a cream blush person in past but this is a really Good product. It takes a little practice and the results are soft and natural.

Provence color

4. Do you have a signature summer fragrance or perfume?

I don't wear perfume as much as I used to, but I am a total Chanel girl. My favorite has been Chance for years.  

5. Favorite summer outfit?

I would have to say I love a great pair of cropped white jeans and colorful top or shorts, a tee and a Lilly Pulitzer pullover.

6. Favorite sunscreen products?

In addition to the Ever tinted moisturizer, I am loving the new Ever Lavish mineral sunscreen. This weekend I applied before we went out on a sailboat. I was bad and didn't reapply but only got burned on my shoulders where I missed putting the product. I think my plan this summer will be to use this before I leave the house and then touch up with a mineral sunscreen spray.

7. Do you prefer a one-piece, tankini or bikini swimsuit?

I am a tankini girl and have been for about 20 years. I am not very tall but my torso is long so I cannot wear a one-piece and my bikini days are long gone Besties!

8. Do you keep your hair the same in the summer or switch up your style?

I keep it the same length and color. I also try to keep the sun off my hair too because it can mess with my highlights.

9. Favorite summer nail colors?

I mostly use Color Street on my nails but like to move to a toasted almond or lilac color for the summer. For toes I like to go a little brighter with a red or a hot pink.

10. Favorite summer lip colors?

Even in the summer I keep with my brownish pinks and also a honey color. 

I hope you enjoyed this summer fashion preview and gave everyone a moment just to step away from the heaviness. Please take the time to visit the other writers below that have also joined us.

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  1. That first pair of Jack Rogers flip flops are calling my name- so pretty! I keep the same hair and lipstick too! Thanks for being the best blogging partner :)

    1. Holly, those Georgica sandals from Jack Roger's should be on sale now. They are linked and are on sale through that link but you can probably get on sale through the Jack Roger's site too. You will live in them. They are like Birkenstocks but cute!

  2. I mostly use Colorstreet wraps too; in fact I just put on a new wrap today it's a blush looking base with white the rest of the way up the nail. They feel so summery to me now.

  3. Learned about a new shoe brand from you which I will check out. Thanks for hosting.


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