Monthly Musings April 2022: Vacation/Trip Planning & Prep

Hey hey Besties! It's the last Thursday of the month and Holly and I are really looking forward to our link-up today. Today we are getting together for Monthly Musings to talk about vacation and trips and all of the planning and prep. those fun things? Hopefully, we have settled into a more normal space and can get back to traveling. Let's get to the questions and don't forget to link up and comment if you joined us as a writer today.

 1.  What Trips/Vacations Do You Have Planned for the rest of the year?

In August we will be traveling to Hilton Head, SC again and we are all looking forward to it. We are counting down the months and also bring up several times a week the restaurants we can't wait to go to and also there are some plans for golf this year.

We are also talking about some additional trips later in the year but we don't have any firm plans yet. Some of this will depend on the hockey schedule and also the state of the pandemic.

2. Best Packing Tips

I keep a beach packing list in my Cozi scheduling app and I never delete it. I just check things off and then uncheck the next year when I pack again. 

If we stay in a house, I always do laundry the day before we leave so that we bring home clean laundry. I started doing that when Hockey Guy was little and it really is a big help to go home with clean laundry.

3. Packing Cubes...Yes or No?

I am a yes for packing cubes if I am traveling for maybe more than 2 nights. I wouldn't really use them overnight. I am indeed a newer packing cube convert. Mine are even monogrammed.

4. Favorite Travel Outfit?

In the summer if we are traveling by car, I like a pair of shorts, a tee and then a sweatshirt because I always get cold in the car.

My other favorite travel outfit if I am being really casual are my Lululemon joggers and a cute tee or fun sweatshirt. I am a total convert with these joggers.

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5. Favorite Vacation Destination and Why? 

I truly love Hilton Head and I think that this Yankee girl has low country in her veins. It is a place that brings me Joy.

Sea Pines Beach Club

I also totally loved our trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas. We truly need to get back there because it is so darn fun!

6. Have You Flown Since March 2020?

Yes, but only once. We had tickets that we needed to use from canceled flights in March 2020. We used those flight credits for a hockey tournament in Chicago last fall. I am not opposed to flying, it's just the trips we have been taking lately have not really required us to fly.

7. Beach or Mountains for Vacation?

I frankly like both, but we have a tendency to head more to the beach.

8. Do You Prefer to Sightsee or Relax on Vacation?

Probably both. I am not much of a relaxer but I do enjoy some days when I have no agenda because they are very rare in my life.

9. Hotel, Camping or AirBNB?

I am not a camper. I think that it is cool that other people do it but it is not for me. I like hotel life but we always rent a house when we go to Hilton Head. 

10. Overpacker? Underpacker?

I need to join Overpacker Anonymous. I am not a crazy overpacker, but I often bring more than I need.

I can't wait to read everyone's packing and travel tips. Be sure to check out all of the talented writers below. Feel free to add in your own travel and packing tips in the comments below.

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  1. We've only been to Hilton Head once but we loved it. We need to go back now that the kids are older so we can bike everywhere. And yes, always bring home clean laundry, if possible. That's a great tip!

  2. We loved our trip to Hilton Head. Now that the kids are older we need to go back so we can bike everywhere. And that's a great tip about bringing home clean laundry. I love just being able to put clothes away in drawers when we get home.

    1. I know. There is bigger vacation let down than a pile of dirty laundry. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  3. Right there with you with "Overpackers Anonymous" HA! We are so alike....give me a beach anyday! Thanks for being the BEST blogging partner XO

    1. Holly, we are totally kindred spirits. So happy to be on this journey with you.

  4. I love Hilton Head so much! My sister lived in Sea Pines for a while and we tried to visit as much as possible! Have so much fun there! I started a beach list last year to use each year. It’s so smart!! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Oh, I hope to visit Hilton Head soon. My daughter is moving to Savannah, so I will be in that area more often now. Great list!

  6. We like to do laundry before heading home too!


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