Friday Favorites: Fall Flowers, Best Pesto and Cream Cheese, Breast Cancer Awareness Bag and SNL Premier


Oh Happy Friday Besties! I hope it is a long weekend for you. It is for two out of three of us in the Good Better Best household. I am linking up with up with ErikaAndreaNarci to share the things that bring me Joy. Fall in general brings me Joy

1) Fall Flowers

There is something about digging in the dirt a little and popping some flowers in pots that is so soothing to me. This weekend I cleaned off our little terracotta pots on the back patio and added in some mums and pansies. Now that our patio is finished, it was time to get some fall flowers back there.

The patio looks a little dirty because Running Daddy is working on the grass back there and it does cause some dirt to be tracked onto the patio. He is literally watching the grass grow!

The new stamped concrete is a big improvement from the old brick patio that has probably been there since the 1960s!

2) Honey Pecan Cream Cheese

I have two questions on this topic: 1) Have you tried this? 2) Where has this cream cheese been all my life?

This is one of those simple pleasures and fits in nicely with fall. This cream cheese is sweet and creamy and works so well with a half of a gluten free bagel. Seriously, this is so Good! Perfect for settling in with a cup of coffee or on the run to your next safe morning event.

3) Costco Pesto

Have I ever talked about our family love of the Kirkland Basil Pesto from Costco? Honestly, it is so Good and a staple in our house. Pretty much at all times, there are two jars of this in our fridge at the ready. 

It probably is cheaper to just buy this than to make it on your own. Hockey Guy will dip grilled chicken in it and I love to have it on hand for an easy chicken pesto pasta on a busy night.

4) Breast Cancer Awareness Bag Strap

You all know how much I love my Baby Boss bag, but now for October, it has gotten a little make over. One of the Best things about the new line of Stella & Dot is that on most bags, you can choose your own strap. 

My original strap is red and blue and Hockey Guy says it give a little bit of a Gucci vibe. The pink strap above is part of the breast cancer awareness collection to benefit Bright Pink this entire month. So this month I am going to rock the pink with the olive green and get my awareness on! You can shop the entire collection here  and 20% of your purchase will go to Bright Pink which helps provide prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in women. What a Better reason to shop? 

5) Saturday Night Live Cold Opener

Oh Saturday Night Live, you never ever disappoint. While I know that the state of our country and the entire world right now is no laughing matter, at some point you have to laugh or we will all go insane. 

As always, Alec Baldwin is perfection as President Trump and Jim Carey is getting pretty Good as Vice President Biden. Hockey Guy and I think he has the voice down and that the look will get there. I look forward to what they have coming this weekend and then hopefully the election special that they do right before the election.

I hope your weekend is filled with safe fall fun! I will see you back here next week.


  1. The plants are so pretty and thanks for that Costco recommendation. We just got a membership, so I am going to look for this. Have a good weekend!

    1. The pesto is in the refrigerated section, you should check it out. Thank you for stopping by and have the Best weekend!

  2. I love your bag strap and that cream cheese sounds amazing. YES we were howling at that skit- they were both dead on- have a great weekend friend! XO

    1. The Best thing about that cream cheese is that it packs a lot of flavor in a small amount. Have the Best fall weekend sweet friend.

  3. First off I need to go find that cream cheese right now-- that sounds amazing! We like pesto but haven't tried that kind yet; I'll have to keep an eye out for it. My husband found that SNL opener while browsing online one day and we watched it later that night on YouTube. It was hilarious!

    1. Joanne--the cream cheese packs a lot of flavor into a small amount. It's is so Good for a fall morning. Have the Best weekend and thanks for stopping by.


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