Monthly Musings September 2020: Fall and Halloween


Happy Fall Besties! The last Thursday of the month kind of snuck up on me as it fell a little early. Never fret, Holly was here to remind me that today is Monthly Musings and we are talking fall and Halloween this month. How fun! I am so ready for fall and curious to see how you are preparing for Halloween this year. Grab some candy corn and a cozy beverage and settle in for Monthly Musings.

1) Favorite Fall Tradition

I used to say that my three favorite days were Christmas, Easter and the Hawks 5K. The Hawks 5K is race at our old school that Running Daddy helped design and found. He was hoping to finally run the race and hit the course that he helped design but of course COVID got in the way so things are virtual this year.

Good Better Best will still be a sponsor even though the format will be different. We will still be part of this even though we have moved up to high school and we may not be related to the Hawk this year.

I cannot wait for the Hawks 5K to be back in his original format. It's just the Best day!

2. Favorite Halloween Tradition

We actually build a spooky walk with our next door neighbors that connects our two houses. It had music, spider webs and all kinds of spooky things. We are a neighborhood destination for a lot of people. 

Running Daddy and our neighbor were talking and planning for this year a couple of days ago. We think we can do this safely this year with it being one way in and one way out. We have plenty of time this year because we are all home to figure this out and decorate.

3) What Will Halloween Look Like for Your Family This Year? 

It's on a Saturday this year so hopefully we can have a really fun day. We will set up the Spooky Walk and hopefully all my little princesses and superheros will come see me safely this year. Hopefully Hockey Guy will have a friend over again this year. I am all ok with older kids trick or treating as most of them are polite.

As far as giving out candy, my neighbor and I were batting around ideas. Maybe hand out full size bars or treat bags so that little hands are not in the same bowl. Tongs may also be a good idea. These are crazy times we live in Besties! Feel free to leave any other Good ideas you may have for trick or treating safely in the comments below.

4) Share Your Favorite Fall Recipe

Not only is my Butternut Squash and Pear Soup recipe is not only one my Best fall recipes, it is only of my Best recipes in general. Once you put pear in your butternut squash soup, you will never use apple again. The pear adds a sweetness and interest that cannot be matched.


5) Favorite Fall Fashion Staples

Well, this year my fall fashion is pretty casual so I am going to show the things that I am wearing lately.

A Good pair of jeans. Pretty much the only jeans I wear are Wit & Wisdom. They fit like a dream and at a really Good price point.

I take a size 6
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I am also wearing these camo joggerings almost every evening when I am finished working and then also pull them on in the morning if it is chilly when I drink my coffee. They come in a bunch of colors as well as solids and are maybe the softest sweatpants I have ever owned. 

I take a medium
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I have also been wearing these Bearpaw Bliss slippers pretty much every waking hour when I am at my house. I so love the purple color, it is a lavender tone, but they come in other colors. You can see my camo joggers here with my Bliss slippers. You can bet the name is totally appropriate for these slippers. 

***contains affiliate links

I also love a Good accessory and the Dove collection from Stella & Dot is perfect for these fall casual days.

Both the earrings and the wrap bracelet come in grey and now black and are all hand beaded.

I have the Dove wrap bracelet in grey and love it on my left hand with my watch. It is unlike anything else I own. 

6) Favorite Halloween Costume

Always my four year old Woody the Cowboy. Nothing was cuter. That year we went to Disney for the first time and attended Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. He insisted on wearing his Mickey Mouse ears that night instead of his cowboy hat. 

He was such a hit at that event one of the cast members even asked him for his autograph. That is the photo above.

7) Favorite Halloween Candy

I have a tendency to over buy in the Halloween candy department. Running Daddy thinks the only options should involve chocolate but as the person who has stayed at the house for many years, I know things like Twizzlers and Nerds are always a big hit. I like mix up the chocolate and fruity candy offerings

With the pandemic this year we may give out full size bars but I am also thinking about doing treat bags. I am open to any ideas that you have for safe treat options.

As far as my personal favorite, I am a Milky Way or Reese's gal.

8) Favorite Family Halloween Movie

We are all about the Great Pumpkin in our house and even own a copy of it.

The other family movie we really like is Spooky Buddies. While Hockey Guy may have outgrown this movie, I am not going to lie, I really enjoy watching it. Could they be any cuter?

9) Scary Movies? Yes or NO

I am kind of into scary movies. The boys love to talk about a scary movie and funny scary movie commercials. I like a Good 80's horror movie, especially something well done like The Omen.  I think for me personally, I like things like a thriller Better than flat out horror movies. 

10) Favorite Fall Beverage?

I do like a hard cider because I am gluten free. I also love a hot apple cider both straight and spiked.

Yesterday Hockey Guy and I had our first fall Starbuck's yesterday. He was going to have a caramel apple cider but they didn't have any apple juice so he just had two cake pops instead. I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season--decaf, one pump, no whip and it was heaven.

I think Holly and I are so ready to usher in fall and Halloween! We hope that you will answer the questions and link up with us below. 

Happy fall and I will see you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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  1. What a fun Halloween tradition and creative ways to hand out candy this year. Thanks for the link up!

  2. I LOVE your spooky walk- how fun! It must be fun to see how the littles react too! Also love Woody- how fast time flies right? Happy Fall my Friend!

  3. Sharing your love of The Great Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Love the idea of your Spooky Walk, and yes, this Halloween will certainly be different. I only have two trick or treaters, the little boys from down the street, so I'm thinking gift bags might be a good idea.

  4. I am curious to see if trick or treating can happen this year and how it might work. I'm intrigued by the tongs to hand out candy thought... Also, I make a butternut squash soup with pear and it really is so good!


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