What I am Doing During the Corona Virus Part 2

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Well, here we are in Virginia where schools are closed for the year and we are on "stay at home" orders until June 10. Yes I said June, and it's still April. Here in the Good Better Best household have bee following the rules and staying home unless we really need to go out. My last update was early on and about a month ago, so here is an update on what we are doing during the pandemic.


Our work from home and distance learning is going really well. Honestly. Hockey Guy's distance learning is going really well. They have made adjustments along the way and even had a virtual snow day one Friday. He has classes four days a week now with tests, projects and grades. They are using Friday as a catch up day and also for some social and emotional learning. Our school and our larger administration is doing an amazing job.

Work from home is going well for both Running Daddy and me. We are trying to keep it fun too. Running Daddy is set up in the home office and I am in the living room. We all call the kitchen the break room and try to keep it fun and light. We also try to have lunch together every day.

We received word this week that I will be home at least until May 18. I may go into my office and make sure that I have all of the files that I need for the long haul. Honestly, when I left my office on March 18, I thought I would be home for two weeks, not two months. I have had plenty to keep me busy over the last month but I need to really think long term and keep my program seamless. 

Fun and Fitness

Running Daddy is training for a really big race in the fall and the one Good thing about the stay at home orders is that he is able to use his former commuting time to train.

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I have been trying to do something physical almost every day. I find myself a little more anxious when I don't do some type of work out. Most of it has been walking our dog about one to two miles at a time but I have also thrown in a few runs and some on demand yoga along the way. 

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I know a lot of people are feeling anxious at this time and if you are, make sure that you are doing something physical every day. There are a lot of Good free resources right now that you can use.

We are playing a lot of backyard lacrosse too.  All for of us are now part of the backyard lax team. I am typically terrified as I am being lightly checked but I do get a few in the net every now and then. Our dog being a lab mix is excellent at lacrosse.

What We Are Watching

We are watching a lot of Bravo. Beverly Hills and New York Housewives for Running Daddy and me. Binge watching Million Dollar Listing with Hockey Guy. 

I am also watching Hallmark Channel as much as I always have been. It's just the escape that I have needed. There are no pandemics on Hallmark...maybe just some smallpox or scarlet fever on Little House on the Prairie reruns.

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The one thing that I am really not doing that much of is watching the news. I basically put the news on in the morning and then maybe once per day to get updates. When I was watching too much of the news early on, it was honestly making me really stressed out. Maybe some of you know what I am talking about. 

Right now I am watching enough news to keep us informed but not too much to heighten any anxiety. As a family we are doing everything we are supposed to be doing, I just don't need wall to wall TV coverage to reinforce that. 

Get Dressed Challenge

One of the Best things that I have done over the last few weeks is the Get Dressed Challenge. Sure, wearing comfy clothes once in a while while working from home is fun. I was doing that the first week or so, and then I started watching the news a little too much and just wearing leggings etc, and it was not a Good option for me. I was starting to get into a slight funk fueled by too much news watching. By the way, I do happen to believe that leggings are pants with the right outfit.

A few weeks ago I embarked on the Get Dressed Challenge. All of my cute clothes were just sitting in the closet begging to be worn. So almost every day I am putting on a cute outfit and add them to Instagram and Facebook. A few very fun things have happened because of this. The first is that I personally started to feel Better when I got dressed. The next thing that happened is that Stella & Dot are using several of my photos on their website.  Kind of crazy to see multiple photos of yourself on a big brand website.

The Best part? People that I know started to get dressed and tag me on their posts. They sent me their photos and even photos of their beautiful daughters. They did this because they wanted to feel Better and they got dressed. Each Wednesday, including tomorrow, I am posting the Get Dressed Challenge. If you get dressed this week, tag me or send me your photos and I will add you to the Get Dressed Challenge.

If you struggling, seriously try getting dressed for a couple of days. Pick out a cute outfit, put on a little lip gloss and then see how you feel.  There is no pressure and there is no competition here, I just want people to get a little more Joy in their life. 

You can read week one here, week two here and week three here

What We Are Eating

We are working really hard to try to eat healthy during this time. We are very Good about family dinners. The Good part of us all being home is that we are not rushing around at night and it makes making dinner a little easier.

I try to do a big grocery shop only about once every 2-3 weeks. One thing that has been really helpful is that one of the big produce wholesalers who typically sells to high end restaurants has been putting together weekly produce boxes for personal purchase. Honestly, it might be the Best produce we have ever had. Better than any farmers market. Seriously. All of our dinners seem Better and I think it is really the quality of ingredients.  The company that we are getting the produce from is connected to our school so we feel Good about supporting them.  We may be looking into a similar option for meat and seafood either this week or next.

Oh and I have only made one loaf of banana bread but I think I will be making another one today.

I hope you are doing well during this time and that you and your family are healthy. Feel free to join me in the Get Dressed Challenge and leave any Good ideas you have about trying to get through the pandemic in the comments below. 


  1. I loved this post and found it very inspirational Patty- thanks for sharing how you are getting through all of this- it is empowering- I agree on the news- we cut down to one small segment each evening because it is Corona 24x7 and we don't need more stress or anxiety (never thought I would look forward to the weather segment as much as I do now)- I may jump in on your get dresses challenge one of these days too-we shall see! :)

  2. Holly--you always look so cute! Jump in with me on the Get Dressed Challenge.

    Stay well sweet friend!


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