Friday Favorites: Top Five Posts of 2018

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Wow! It's the last Friday of 2018. This has been such an interesting year for me and I definitely did not end the year where I began. This year gave me the opportunity to explore what I really want to do and also opened my eyes to the kind of people I want to surround myself with. Today, I am linking up with ErikaAndreaNarci and The Blended Blog reflecting on my top five posts of 2018.

5) Early October Friday Favorites 

From October, this post covered the last 90 days by Rachel Hollis, fall flavors, the Best nail polish I have tried, what I bought at the Lilly sale and ways to help the Carolinas.

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4) What's Up Wednesday--July 2018

What's Up Wednesday are always fun posts to write but this post in July  was the 4th most popular post of 2018 and the most read WUW in 2018. If you need a summer fix, check this one out.

3) Sausage and White Bean Soup

This sausage and white bean soup is so Good. It's chock full of nutrients and a great way to lighten up in the New Year. This was the 3rd most popular post of 2018 and the most popular food post. This soup is perfect on a cold day so check it out if you are in a chilly region on a snow day as alternative to chili.

2) Bachelor Recap: Episode 4

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Apparently my readers like the Bachelor recaps. This recap on episode 4  was the second most read post of 2018. What is interesting is that while it is the second most read post of the year, all of the Bachelor posts have zero comments. I see you secret Bachelor fans!  Lol.

I will most likely be doing more Bachelor recaps during Colton's season starting in few weeks. Interested?

1) And the number one post of 2018 is.....

My Good Better Best book review of Jamie Ivey's If You Only Knew

I am such a Jamie Ivey fan and I just loved this book. If you have not checked it out add it to your 2019 reading list. Speaking of reading, I am trying to do more reading in 2019 and hope to add in more book reviews this year.

Would you like more book reviews on Good Better Best?

Bonus--I have a tie for the most commented on blogs of 2018. The Blended Blog Asks for January  and then just this month my post about President George H. W. Bush and the impact he had on my career also tied as the most commented on post. 

Thank you to everyone who stops by each week to read this blog. Good Better Best has grown so much over the last two years and I love hearing from each and everyone of you! 

Let me know what you want to see more of in 2019. Do you want more recipes? More focus on work and balancing it all? More Bachelor recaps? If I started a series and called it: Kind and a Bad Ass--does that name offend you? Or does it empower you? I am working on my plan for 2019 so I would to hear from you about what you want to see in 2019!


  1. Just more of Patty please-all around- Happy New Year Patty!! XO

  2. Isn't is so fun to see what posts struck a chord with readers.. I often find that I have one weird weekly wrap-up post thrown into my top 5 or 10 and sometimes I just can't figure out what that Friday post was so much more popular than the others. I LOVE book reviews even if I find more book suggestions than time to read them (and I read A LOT!).

    1. It's just so fun to see what people like. I will work on some more book reviews this year. Just so hard to find time to read as I go to bed so early. Happy 2019!

  3. I love Jamie Ivey too. What a fun recap of all of your posts. I love book reviews, day in the life posts, recipe. So excited to follow you into 2019. Happy New Year Patty!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Onward to 2019! Hope your New Year is the Best yet.


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