Friday Favories: School's In

We are back in the swing of things. Four days into school and I am finished with one big work project and a big event. Happy to be heading into the long weekend and linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday Favorites. Here's what I am finding Joy in this week.

1) The First Week of School

Is there any bigger Joy than your child, especially one in middle school, coming home totally excited about school? From the excitement of the homeroom teacher, to already figuring out his science project, to getting the first grade Mass partner he wanted, this has been such a Good week for Hockey Guy. We are so very blessed to be able to send him to his school.

2) Mix and Match Mama's Slow Cooker Meatballs

I often really don't like crock pot meals beyond things like soups. I find a lot of them mushy, watery and tasteless. How about that? I really needed something easy to make for the first night of school. Not only because it was the first night of school, but I was also packing for a quick work trip that night.  When we were on vacation, I was on Shay's website and found this recipe for crock pot meatballs and pasta. We love a Good meatball in the Good Better Best household.  I grabbed some chicken meatballs at Costco last week and we were off to the races on the first day of school.

This recipe is really Good. Hockey Guy and Running Daddy both gave it a thumbs up. I didn't add in the mushrooms because the guys don't like them. I can tell you that I will be adding this to the rotation. We have even talked that this would be a great meal when we have late hockey practices when the weather is cold. Running Daddy and I would pair this with a bold red wine.

3) Twig Lipstick by MAC
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I have been wearing Twig by MAC for about two decades. I go through phases where I wear it a lot and then I wear other lipsticks. I pulled it out this week because I was traveling this week for a big work trip and needed to look Good. All I could think is "I really need to wear this more." It is such a Good color on me and the staying power of this lipstick is unmatched. Honestly it is the only beauty product that I have been wearing this long and there is totally a reason why.  

4) Cooking Shows with Hockey Guy

One thing that Hockey Guy really got into this summer was the Food Network and the Cooking Channel. He is really into Chopped and the Kids Baking Championship. It has really sparked his interest in food and cooking. While I was gone he made a gourmet grilled cheese with bacon on top for dinner followed by a yogurt parfait as a palate cleanser.

5) OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Body Lotion

I have written before about how much I really like the OGX Oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner. It really helps keep my hair straight and Hockey Guy thinks it makes his hair really "fluffy." I was really excited when I found last weekend that they also make a body lotion. I have super itchy skin because due to my health situation, I naturally make little to no moisture in my body.  I also have crazy sensitive skin so many things make me break out. 

Much like the shampoo and conditioner, this lotion is a total home run. So far it does a really Good job of moisturizing my skin and has a really nice scent.

That's what I have for this first week of school. I hope everyone has the Best long weekend and if your kids are starting school next week I wish them all a really Good week!


  1. LOVE the Twig Duo!! Happy Weekend beautiful!

    1. Seriously, I don't know why I wear anything else! Have a great weekend Andrea! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I think I have to snag some of that shampoo- the oil works well on my hair already and I LOVE the smell- have a great weekend Patty!

    1. I have been using the shampoo since the beginning of the year and love it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Holly!

  3. My middle son LOVES watching Cooking Shows.. (mostly baking) but I love how excited he is to help out in the kitchen now.

    1. It really helps spark an interest in cooking doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by and have a Good weekend!


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