Spreading Mother's Day Joy to the Ronald McDonald House

There is nothing Better than the kindness of strangers, especially during the most challenging times. Last week, I mentioned I would be kicking off a really Good charity project to help some moms that could use some Joy this Mother's Day.

So here it is. As part of the online Keep Collective party that I am hosting, we decided to add in a charity element for the 33 moms who will be spending their Mother's Day at the Ronald McDonald House. 

We want to give all 33 ladies staying at the Ronald McDonald house this Mother's Day one of the Keep Collective bracelets below. 

Want in on spreading this Joy? All you have to do is:
1) Say I'm In in the comment section below
2) Choose Love, Healing, Calming, or Friendship 
3) Provide me your email (via email to GoodBetterBestFood@Gmail.com) and 
4) I will invoice you for $20 and you can spread a little Joy to a mom spending Mother's Day at the Ronald McDonald house.

I will take care of everything else. I will order the bracelet, add your first name to a group Mother's Day card and personally deliver all of the bracelets to the Ronald McDonald house and post photos back here and on my Good Better Best Facebook page.

I jumped in big for this and took the first four bracelets in honor of the moms in my life and several friends also jumped in today. So far we have covered the first 10 of 33 moms at the Ronald McDonald House for Mother's Day.

Who wants to spread Joy next? I can almost guarantee it will be the Best thing you do today.

And then be sure to check out my Keep Collective party page to find some great personalized items for you and the moms in your life here.


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    1. Holly, you rock! I will invoice you when I get home tonight. Do you want Love, Friendship, Calming or Healing from you?

      You are the Best


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