Friday Five: Budget Friendly White Wines

While I do like red wine, over the last say eight years I have become more of a white wine drinker, and frankly light white wines are my jam.  I have found that most red wines are just too heavy for me, so if I want to be awake past 8:45 pm I typically choose a dry, light white wine.  So here are five budget friendly white wines to get your weekend going:

1) Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc: Anyone who knows me knows my number one go to wine is Sauvignon Blanc and on any given Friday I am usually drinking Cupcake.  My friend Mrs. K who knows a lot more about wine than I do, has taught me that any Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand at any price point is going to be quality.  This theory has never been wrong.  Enjoy this go-to at under $10 and available everywhere.

2) Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc: When I want to spend a little more or if I catch this on a sale, I really like a Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.  Another one from Marlborough region and wonderful with seafood, especially fresh oysters.

3) Santa Luz Sauvignon Blanc: If you want to head to South America, try the Santa Luz wines.  I have enjoyed them at several restaurants in our area lately and have been very impressed.  

4) Man Chenin Blanc: Our local wine cellar recommend Man Family wines to me early last year.  They are a family owned winery in South Africa and they are always in stock in our local wine store on the $10 rack.  She originally recommended the Sauvignon Blanc to me, but recently I tried the Chenin Blanc when the Sauvignon Blanc was out of stock.  When I want something with more more tropical fruits and less grapefruit notes, this is the wine I choose.  Awesome with spicy foods.

5) Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve Chardonnay: I reviewed this Kendall Jackson Chardonnay back in 2013 and called it the Chardonnay for people who think they don't like Chardonnay.  I stand by that!  Read more about this great wine on the link above.

So these are some of my everyday...well, Friday Best.  Let me know in the comments what your favorite everyday white wine is.

Enjoy the Best wine!

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