Sugar Free Lenten Challenge 2015: Ten Days In

Quick blog post on how I am doing on the Sugar Free Lenten Challenge 2015.  Frankly I am doing Better than I thought I would.

Ten days in and I feel Better.  Less tired, less sluggish, more mental clarity and let's just say that things are moving through my system much Better.  Are there cravings, oh yes.  Sometimes after dinner I do want a sweet gluten free treat but I have stopped that by having some fresh raspberries and blackberries.  Then there is the doomsday prepper sized jar of Peppermint Patties in the office.  So tempting with their cool mint and dark chocolate wrapped in silver.  I am fighting hard to just say "No".  Remember....addiction isn't pretty.

So there has been so sugar, except one slip up and it was a total accident.  There was a post season pizza party after the Sweet Boy's last hockey practice on Tuesday night.  I had gone a whole week without sugar and feeling pretty proud of myself.  We all know that I cannot eat regular pizza but it was dinner time and I did spy some carrots and hummus on the buffet, a perfect thing to tie me over.  As I was getting the carrots and hummus someone mentioned that the chocolate chip cookies were gluten free.  I thought "great, I will try one".  So I did and as I was eating this treat I thought, "these are Good, they are probably made with just egg whites and......sugar".  Yup, sugar and at that point I had accidently eaten about 3/4 of that cookie so I mine as well finish it.  It was an accident, not a conscious choice so it's not really that bad, but I have always vowed to be honest with this process. 

So I would say ten days in and pretty Good.  I  will keep you posted how this week goes.

Enjoy the Best food!

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