The Sugar Free Lenten Challenge-Day 3

So I mentioned in my last post that I was giving up sugar, the bad stuff…the white stuff, for Lent.  So here I am three days in and it’s going…fine.  Dare I even say Better?  Really Better!
I have embarked on this sugar free journey before, with mixed success.  I always feel Better when I am sugar free but usually the first 48 hours are really difficult.  But.Not.This.Time.  I have gone sugar free for New Year’s, the middle of the year, because I have been feeling gross but never for Lent before.  Some how, some way my Sugar Free Lenten journey is going Better than when I tried it in the past.  Not sure if it is because this time I have a higher purpose and goal but it could be.
The only little “cheat” I had was that I had to drink regular Gatorade for a medical treatment that I had on Thursday.  Believe me if you are going to “cheat” with sugar…would anyone really pick Gatorade?  I think NOT!
I will keep you posted on my sugar free progress.  So far it is going Better…let’s see if I can make this the Best sugar free experiment ever!
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