Friday Fives-Proteins

One thing that readers keep bringing up to me is that they want to know more about where I get my ingredients and what I cook on busy weeknights. I think the best way to do this is through a Friday Five. This week I will start with Proteins.

1)      Thin Sliced Chicken Breasts: I always have multiple packages of these in my freezer. They cook up very quickly and there are many quick sauces you can make for these. The Sweet Boy loves they just pan seared in olive oil with salt and pepper.
2)      Boneless steaks:  I never used to cook steak on weeknights until a few years ago. Steak just seemed like a Saturday night dinner. How wrong I was. I typically cook small boneless steaks on a grill pan during the week with a little bit of olive oil and Montreal seasoning. In about 15 minutes you can have a great steak, just keep it small and lean.
3)      Boneless pork chops: These also cook up very quickly and there are a million ways to cook them. Add a sauce, bread them (I can do this gluten free) and pan fry in olive oil for milanese, use in stir fry. We eat a lot of pork chops in our house.
4)      Chicken sausage: I typically buy organic chicken sausage in either a sweet italian or sun driend tomato variety. I always remove the casing... Great for pasta, grilling, and served on polenta. Fast, healthier than regular sausage but with all of the flavor.
5)       Amylu Chicken Burgers: This is one prepared product that I always have on stock. They are low fat, high protein and downright yummy. Best of all they are precooked. They are awesome on a busy night. I promise you that you can either microwave or pan grill these as fast as you could make a drive-thru order and these are so much better. I buy them at Costco and when I go now I always buy two packages at a time.

So there is my first Friday Five. Enjoy the Best Food!

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