Friday Five-the grains/sides

For my second Friday Five, I wanted to share what grains/side dishes I always have on hand. You can be sure that if you walked into the Good Better Best Food test kitchen these items would either be in stock or on my shopping list. 1) Trader Joe’s frozen rice- They come in organic and non-organic. Right now I have both the organic brown rice and the jasmine rice on hand. The Sweet Boy loves jasmine rice and while we try to not eat too much white rice, this is perfect for a busy night like we had last Tuesday. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you pick some up. 2) Polenta-I always have the log style polenta on hand. You can find this in both conventional and organic. This is great to slice and grill on a grill pan with sausage or serve with meat sauce as an alternative to pasta. 3) Alexia sweet potato fries-These are a freezer staple in our house. All of the fun of French fries but with a little more nutritional value. Perfect when you are having burger night…Good Better Best style. 4) Canned Black Beans-Yet something else that I buy in multiples at the grocery store. This is a pretty cheap upgrade if you want to go from conventional to organic, usually it is about 10 cents more. I rinse and then heat in the microwave for about a minute. Low fat and high fiber for taco night. 5) Quinoa-I had never had quinoa before I went gluten free, but this is a fast side dish that is very versatile. Typically I just use a little butter and parmesan cheese but you can add olive oil, pine nuts, raisins. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy the Best Food and this Friday Five. Patty


  1. Thanks Alycia. I am doing this to respond to your questions about what I keep in my kitchen and where I get my ingredients. Thanks for your comments.


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