New Years Resolution Check in

So how many of us have made a New Year's resolution to:

A) Lose weight
B) Eat healthy
C) All of the above

So we are 11 days into the New are you doing?  I mean really how are you doing?  I am eating too many skittles at the office which is a very starnge thing to eat right after my organic produce.

If you have made a resolution to eat better, to get healthier or lose weight and are struggling already, Good Better Best Food has some ways to get you back on track.  Incorporate one of these ideas and it will be Good, add two and it will be Better...three or more Best!

1) Eat at home more.  Eating out too often leads to too large a portion size causing you to over eat.  If you eat out or get take out two nights a week...cut that back to one and try a Good Better Best recipe that night instead.

2) Today, focus on the Fab Five...fruits and veggies that is.

3) Eat local.  Many farmers markets operate year round...vow to go once a week...heck once a month is even a good start.

4) Go organic.  This like all Good Better Best Food principals does not mean that you have to go organic all the time...pick a few things that you can change to organic that will fit your budget.  Good inexpensive organic items include things like carrots and canned black beans...these are typically only slightly more than their conventional counter parts.

5) Get a farm share.  In late November the Good Better Best household got our first box from Washington's Green Grocer.  Running Daddy says that this is the best new addition we have made in a long time.  Running Daddy is eating a lot more fruit which is always a plus and it has pushed me out of my side dish rut.  The small box lasts us two weeks with very little waste.  Check one out in your area.

6) Make over a recipe.  Find ways to take a family favorite and lighten it up.  If you need hints on this please send me your favorite recipe and I will help you make it over...maybe even feature it on GBB Food!

So if you are on track...keep it up.  If you not doing so well it is not too late and Good Better Best Food is here to help. 

Enjoy the Best Food!

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