Good Better Best Lunch Box-Part 1 Sandwiches

My day job took me away for the last three weeks.  Think Tampa, FL and Charlotte, NC and two guys with unusual first names vying to be the leader of the free world.  Now I am back and while Running Daddy did a great job getting the Sweet Boy to and from school every day and packing his lunch box, I am so happy to be back to my regular routine and the things I love so much including writing Good, Better, Best Food.

I always think that one of the most important editions of this blog I can write is on school lunches.  Now I am not going to get into the politics of school lunch programs (too much politics in my day job), but I do think we pack in our kids lunch boxes is very important.  It will give them the proper fuel to help learn all day.

Maybe you and your kids are getting a little bored with the lunch box routine or maybe you need more ideas for healthier brown bagging...Good, Better, Best can help.  I am starting with sandwiches.

 1) The classic--PB & J:  To make it Better use whole grain bread, natural peanut butter or organic jelly.  To make Best add multiple elements.

2) Bagel and Cream Cheese: The Sweet Boy doesn't love many sandwiches only Jelly (see above) and now we have started adding bagels and cream cheese as a lunch.  To make it Better use a whole grain bagel or mini bagel or organic cream cheese.  To make Best use both!

3) Hummus and Cucumber Wraps: These are Already Better as the hummus is made with chickpeas they are in the Already Better category as they are a legume and I consider that like a whole grain.  To make Best add home grown/farmers market or organic cumbers, and a whole wheat wrap. 

4) BLT ala GBB: BLTs are yummy, no doubt about it.  To make Better use whole grain bread, home grown or organic tomatoes or organic bacon.  To make Best use multiple elements.  Want a healthy twist...use one of the mayos blended with olive oil.

5) Tuna Salad: To make Better use whole grain bread, organic mayo or farmers market onions.  To make Best add multiple elements.

Enjoy the Best lunch box food!

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