What's Up Wednesday-September 2021


Happy Wednesday Besties.  September just flew by for us. How about you? September was a Good month filled with all kinds of memories this year. Since it is the last Wednesday of the month, I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday (and don't forget to join Holly and me for Monthly Musings tomorrow). Settle in with your favorite fall beverage and find out what we have been up to this month.

What We're Eating This Week

I am going to open this section by saying I am totally struggling in this area, so much so that I did a post about it last week. I am struggling with our new schedule and also just keeping food in the house. The last two weekends really didn't even give me time to go to the grocery store but we are trying to fill in on weeknights and early morning food runs from Running Daddy. Below is what I have planned for this week.

Monday-Monday night we had an epic new recipe fail. When I say fail, I mean threw it in trashcan fail. After getting my grocery pickup at 5:30 pm, the guys were all hands on deck getting the bags out of the car. I had a new recipe that had few ingredients, all of which I had on hand after my trip to the store. Recipe said 5 minutes of prep time and a bake time of 25-30 minutes.  All Good right?

I followed the recipe to the letter, a lot of times I do not. I cooked it for 30 minutes and went to serve it and the chicken was still raw. I put it in the oven for another 15 minutes and frankly it still didn't look Good. At that point, I threw this concoction and the recipe in the trash. Running Daddy and I made a sandwich and Hockey Guy heated up leftover pizza.

Part of the reason why I am telling you this Besties is that when I post one of my original Good Better Best recipes, it has been tested and retested in my own household more than once. It has been tested to make sure it works and that it has been deemed "Good Better Best worthy" by all three of us. Let's move on from this shall we?

Tuesday-Double hockey night so it will be something easy but nutritious like a grilled cheese and fruit and maybe a chicken burger for me. 

Wednesday-Not sure because we are planning to see our friend play field hockey and then I may attend Mother's Club at school.

Thursday-Another hockey night, so see Tuesday above!

Friday-After a busy week, whatever takeout strikes our fancy. The kitchen is closed!

What I'm Reminiscing About

Last year I really didn't get to see Hockey Guy play live and that was really hard. It was just too risky for me to go out a lot and the games only I really saw were on Facebook live. I think back to those times when I could only see him on the small screen and I was grateful for that, but this year seeing him live and how well he doing is the Best.

What I am Loving

I mentioned in Monthly Musings last month that I don't have a certain hard date that I bust out the pumpkin spice, there is a certain feel in the air that signals me that it is time to enjoy that yummy Goodness. If you happen to have a Wawa store near you, I am loving their pumpkin spice regular drip coffee. We had a hockey showcase in Delaware this past weekend and there was just enough chill in the air that I felt it was ok to break the pumpkin spice seal. Running Daddy, who can typically take or leave pumpkin spice, admitted that he drank the Wawa pumpkin spice coffee all weekend at the hockey showcase we went to last month that I was not at ...yes in August. It was like hell's front porch that weekend too weather wise. 

Here's how I feel about pumpkin spice, if you like it drink it, if you don't...don't drink it just stop complaining about it. One last word, if people didn't order it this early in the year, they wouldn't sell it. The retailers are just giving the people what they want. Jump off pumpkin spice soapbox right now.

I am really loving watching Hockey Guy play hockey this season. I can't wait until the high school season kicks off. He is just doing so darn well and he is so happy. This is what I missed all last season and I am going to soak up every last bit of it between now and March.

What We've Been Up To

In addition to a whole lot of hockey, we have been up to a lot. The two most fun things we did all month were we attended the Premier Lacrosse League Championships. It was super fun even though our team didn't win we were seated right behind the stage where the victory celebration took place. The Chaos really had a Good time celebrating and it was a blast to watch them. 

But I have to tell you that the Best thing this month is that Running Daddy completed his first Iron Man race. I am not kidding you when I tell you that he trained for this race for almost two years. He was supposed to do the race this time last year but it was cancelled due to COVID, but he kept on training. If you have heard of an Iron Man but don't know really what it is, you swim 2 miles, bike 112 miles and then run a full marathon at 26.2 miles. Yes, all in one day.

Hockey Guy had a game that afternoon so I went to the game. Our dear friend Patrick drove out to the race and took photos during the day and let us know how he was doing. After the game, Hockey Guy and I drove home, got him showered and jumped in the car to make the almost two hour drive to the finish line. We did stop along the way and grabbed Running Daddy a Five Guys burger because that is always his post race food.  We were able to keep the burger warm for him too.

Hockey Guy and I drove out there and got to the finish line about 30 minutes before he crossed. He didn't see us when they he ran by the finish like but we did get to hear them say "Chris You Are An Iron Man!" We were so proud of him and found him right after the race. He loved his burger and the two beers I brought for him.  

His chip time was actually faster at 13:27 

This was really a highlight of our year. So proud of this guy!

What I'm Dreading

Honestly, nothing at the moment. We got notice that homecoming is a go, so nothing to dread there!

What I'm Working On

I still have a lot of work but I am hoping that I am in more of a normal busy rhythm and I am ok with that.

What I am really working on is managing our household now that we are back in school, one of us is still home, and one of us is going back and forth to downtown. We were basically out of town for two weekends in a row and it makes keeping food in the house and laundry managed a little hard to do. I am working on it and Running Daddy is helping. I am mostly working on finding my groove in this area. I welcome any hints in the comments below.

What I'm Excited About

I am excited about all things fall and hopefully being able to enjoy the fun things that this beautiful season brings. Who's with me on this sentiment? 

 What I'm Watching/Reading

With reading, I am still just focusing on my decorating magazines at short stints. I still don't have the time or focus to sit and read a book. I know there will be a season for this but it's not now.

I am watching Real Housewives of Salt Lake which is having an amazing second season. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is everything it is hyped up to be. I am Team Sutton...period.

Running Daddy and I have been watching American Crime Story: Impeachment. I know most of us lived this and working in politics in Washington when this happened I more than lived it, but this is honestly so Good. The acting is amazing and I highly recommend this if you are looking for a show.

What I am Listening To

I have a new podcast that many of you may be familiar with the hosts. I am really enjoying the second season of The Bestie Breakdown with Erika and Shay. The ladies have totally found their groove on the pod.

Right now, Fancy Like is my favorite song. It was totally our song as Hockey Guy and I were riding out to the Iron Man race. I don't really love that it is now an Applebee's commercial, but I totally get why Walker Hayes did that. I am all about people making as much money as they can. This song is a bop as the kids say! Enjoy it below.

What I'm Wearing

Honestly, I am trying to figure out what to wear these days. The weather is changing nicely but so much of what I had for work two years ago, just looks old. I need to hit a few stores for a few more pair of pants this weekend hopefully. Here are few items that are newer to my closet that have been Good staples for changing weather so far.

I grabbed this high-low tunic popover because I don't always love a button up. It's great now with a pair of black or navy pants and I think will also be a Good layering piece. It comes in a striped version too.

J Crew Factory
I took a small
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I am also still enjoying the Twist Sleeve Top that I got the end of the summer. It's is so easy to wear and looks great with a pair of work pants or with jeans.
I also took a small in this
***contains affiliate links

If you want to talk more fall fashion, then join Holly and me tomorrow for our monthly link up Monthly Musings. Holly and I will be talking all things fall fashion. So feel free to join us as a blogger, reader or both. Topics are below.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Excited that I am getting my hair done on Saturday morning, it will be a nice way to start the weekend. We have two hockey games and then I think we are going to just chill and need to do some yard work too!

What I am Looking Forward to Next Month

I am looking forward to hopefully enjoying fall again this month. I feel like we missed so much of the fun last year.

I am also looking forward to the Fall Harvest movies on Hallmark and the start of Countdown to Christmas on October 22. Both bring me Joy

I am also looking forward to Hockey Guy experiencing a real Homecoming weekend this year.

Simple Joys, just being with my people. That's all I really want.

What Else is New

That should about cover it! Be sure to join me back here tomorrow for Monthly Musings. 
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