Friday Favorites: Best $8 Wine, Christmas Joy, Comfy Cute Shoes and Downtime

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Oh weekend, glad you are here. It's been a busy week so I am looking forward to a little fun this weekend. I am linking up with The Blended BlogErikaNarci and Andrea for Friday Favorites for what is bringing me Joy on this fall Friday.

1) Downtime

This past weekend, we had very few things on our calendar. No hockey games just practice and our big cross country meet that was actually only about 10 minutes from our house. I slept 9-8 hours each night for three nights straight. I took a nap with my dog on Saturday afternoon. I did some cooking and baking and read my Southern Living magazine. As my crazy work season is hopefully coming to an end, I really needed this downtime. It also made me stop and realize now I have not been getting enough downtime lately and how Good it is for me. 

Are you all getting enough downtime and focusing on self care?

2) Christmas Joy on Hallmark

How could I not like a movie called Christmas Joy? This one premiered last Saturday night and it was so Good. Sweet story that even involved something called a "cookie crawl"...yes please. I really think this one is going to be a favorite of the season if not in the all star category.  

I also heard about the Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas app from several friends and bloggers. I downloaded it immediately. You can search for the movies you want to watch and it will even send you reminders. So if you want to check out Christmas Joy use the app!

3) Starbucks red cups

I apparently didn't realize these Starbucks red cups were a thing. My co-worker told me it was "red cup day" and I just went along to get out of the office and to get my first Starbucks pumpkin spice late of the season. I posted this photo on my Instagram  and then a couple of people told me that these were really hard to find and one friend told me she had to go to a couple of stores to get them. 

Since you get $.50 off any holiday drink after 2 pm between now and the beginning of January, the plan is to keep this in my car. If I need it at work it will be in the garage and I am planning to use it this weekend when we have a hockey game about an hour away.

I am never really on the cutting edge of the cool things, so I am pretty proud of myself for getting one of these red cups when they are totally a thing.

Did anyone else score a red cup?

4) New Rothy Flats

I just bought my second pair of Rothy's flats. My black ones are so comfortable I had to buy another pair. I love a grey shoe. I think they are a really Good neutral and a little unexpected. I ordered this pair of Rothy's about two weeks ago and have been wearing them on repeat. I bought the rounded toe flat as opposed to the pointed toe version. I would recommend you size up in these. I typically wear an 8.5 and went with the 9.

Today I paired my new Rothy's with wine colored cords and cream colored tunic sweater. If you want to try out Rothy's use my coupon code and you will save $20 off your first order. 

5) Picton Bay wine

A while back I was in Trader Joe's in the wine section. Typically I do not buy my Sauvignon Blanc at Trader Joe's because I find they usually only stock California Sauvignon Blanc and I prefer a New Zealand SB. I saw this one from Picton Bay on the shelf and low and behold it was from the Marlborough region of New Zealand which is basically the mecca of SB. It was less than $10. I was intrigued but a little worried it might be headache city.

I have to tell you it is really Good. Not even just Good for $8 Good, it is Good in general. A little grassy, lots of citrus basically everything you could want in a Sauvignon Blanc.

If you have a Trader Joe's near you definitely check this out. It is a perfect wine to pair on a weeknight dinner and at this price point it would be a Good option for your holiday parties too.  

That's a wrap for Friday Favorites this week. We are a little busier this weekend but with election season at an end I finally feel like I can breathe a little. Hoping to have some additional downtime this weekend as well.

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  1. I must see Christmas Joy, you are the 3rd person I have heard say it was so good. Yay for some weekend downtime, so needed. Have a GREAT weekend and maybe a beverage in your cute red cup!! xo

  2. Andrea, get the Hallmark app and it will tell you when Christmas Joy is on! It is a must see! xoxox

  3. Thanks for the wine suggestion! I'm always overwhelmed on the wine selection at TJ! Have a great weekend!!

    1. Totally check out this wine if you can get it at Trader Joe's and then let me know what you think. Happy weekend lady!

  4. So much goodness in this post!! And yay for $8 wine and christmas movies!!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments and for stopping by. Hope you are having fun this weekend!

  5. The Starbucks cup thing made me chuckle- I heard the red cups are hard to find- we got our first holiday cups there this week- they are still pretty-striped in holiday colors but not the red ones- your downtime sounds like heaven- hoping to get some of that this weekend- I heard those shoes are so comfortable- keep me posted and that SB sounds like a win! Check out my gratitude post from yesterday- there is a nod to you :)

    1. Thanks for your sweet nod in your post yesterday! I will put together some thoughts on our gratitude link up. Hope you are having the Best weekend lady!

  6. I love that it's Hallmark Christmas movie season :)

    1. Me too! Those movies bring me such Joy! Have a Good weekend!


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