Finding Joy: Good News, Rosaries, South Fork Ranch and Patriot Miracles

While every day isn't perfect, I do believe that we can find some Joy in every week.  Here's a few Good things in which I found Joy this week:

1) Balloon Rosary: This week at the Sweet Boy's school was Catholic Schools week, which he would tell you is the best week every.  One of the things I have been trying to get to every year is the balloon rosary.  The entire school assembles in the gym and they say the rosary with  helium balloons made into a giant rosary. Each grade takes turns praying for everything from world leaders, to curing cancer to pets.  When they are finished praying they go outside and then let the rosary go.  It is the Best way to spend a morning and I am so glad I was able to get the time to go this year.

Balloon Rosary with prayer intentions heads towards heaven

2) Good News from a friend: I have been praying hard for a lot of my friends and finally got some Good news from one, that while she still has to have surgery, it's not as bad as they thought.  God is so Good.

3) South Fork Ranch: The Sweet Boy's school auction was this past weekend and we decorated our table that we host as the South Fork Ranch a la Dallas circa 1978.  Please tell me that you have heard of this show and I am not talking about the reboot on TNT. I am starting to feel a little old when people don't know what South Fork Ranch is.

It was my favorite table we have done to date and many of us have been at the same table for over five years.  It's always a fun event but this year seemed a little more fun this year.  I loaded up our spring calendar with sign up parties for all of us and a barre class for me...stay tuned for more on that!

Running Daddy and I channeling our best Pam and Bobby Ewing

Can you hear the theme song in the background?

4) Patriots Super Bowl win: While I was all about being cowgirl on Saturday night, by Sunday I was all back in my Boston mode ready to watch the Pats go for Super Bowl Victory number five.  Let's just say that the first part of the game didn't start the way any of us had hoped and it was looking surprisingly flat out bad at times. I almost turned the game off with six minutes to go, but I always tell people, never bet against Tom Brady because he is the Best. 

Pretty much I felt like Giselle after that win.

I know a lot of people don't like the Patriots, but I grew up in New England and for decades they were horrible.  

And about the people who don't like Tom Brady...Five Baby...see Gisele above,

What are you finding Joy in this week?

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