Simply Good--- Gluten Free Pizza with the help of Trader Joe's

Ah pizza, right from your oven...on a weeknight.  Before I went gluten free almost seven years ago, I used to use  Trader Joe's pizza dough all the time. I especially used to like the one that was infused with herbs.  But since embracing the gluten free lifestyle to help me manage my health issues, I have had a hard time finding a good gluten free at home substitute.  One day this fall, a Trader Joe's crew member at the register noticed all of the gluten free items in my cart and asked me if I was gluten free.  I told her yes and she told me about the new frozen gluten free pizza!

Right before Running Daddy left on a recent extended business trip, I picked up these pizza shells to make the Sweet Boy and I a quick weeknight dinner.  I followed the instructions on the package, topped the crust with olive oil, Trader Joe's Traditional Marina sauce, mozzarella cheese and a little bit of Tastefully Simple Garlic Pepper.  It was on the table quickly and with some cut up veggies we had a meal.

You can top this pizza with anything you like and it is easy to make this Good, Better, Best with organic toppings and cheese.  A choice of the non-gluten free whole wheat pizza dough is a great start to Good, Better, Best pizza.

This was a hit for both the Sweet Boy and me. The pizza was crispy and browned perfectly.  It was even Good re-heated the next day.   I will be making this again, but will probably use both crusts that come in the package, making one cheese and one more exotic aka pepperoni for Running Daddy and myself. I would probably pair this with a great Malbec as that is Running Daddy's favorite pizza wine.

What's your favorite pizza topping?

Enjoy the Best food.

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