The Hurricane Irene Good Better Best Table

Last weekend brought Hurricane Irene to the Mid-Atlantic region, no real drama thank heavens, although we did have a 19 hour power outage in our neighborhood.  Since the day after any hurricane is usually beautiful weather it gave the neighbors time to chat while we all cleaned up our yards. 

While the Sweet Boy played with the kids across the street it gave the grown ups the idea that we should take whatever was in the fridge that might not make it due to the power outage and just throw together a fun lunch.  So that is what we did...Good Better Best style.

We didn't intend to make this Good Better Best...but it ended up that way.  I brought over some kosher hot dogs, farmers market cucumber, oganic tortilla chips and famers market apples.  Our neighbors had steaks, big salad and grilled peppers and broccoli.  Miss Judy brought over some deer dogs, yes deer dogs and we were good to go!  Grand finale, all of the ice cream that was about to melt.

It was a great afternoon with a big lunch, great beer and wine and the kids playing.  If we had tried to plan this it never would have worked out.

See, even post-hurricane you can enjoy a meal in the Good Better Best style!

Enjoy the best food.

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