Good Better Best Organic Garden 2011-The First Fruits...Make That Vegetables of My Labor

So today we returned from our annual Fourth of July Beach vacation.  Once Running Daddy, the Sweet Boy and I unloaded the car, I went to check the garden.  Oh my, so much had happened in the Good, Better, Best Organic garden since we left for the beach!  All of the vegetables have really taken off but so had the weeds. 

I truly think that the key to this years garden has been the Coast of Maine Lobster Compost that we added  when we planted the garden.  We have lived in our house five years this summer and I have planted a vegetable garden every year since 2007.  Until this year we have had pretty lackluster results.  A few tomatos here and there, maybe one pepper, one or two cumcumbers and that was it until this year.  We planted the same weekend as every year in the past, Memorial Day, but I truly think the Coast of Maine Lobster Compost is the key.

When I went to check the garden  today I immediately saw a large yellow squash plant and was very happy.  The cucumber vines were all over the right side of the garden and filled with flowers.  There were tons of green tomatoes on the vines.  Peppers are looking good. There is definitly something going on with the watermelon.  Basil looks healthy and of course the rosemary bush is taking over the garden.  I am definitly going to have to give away some of the rosemary this needs a haircut.

But...the weeds seem to love the Lobster Compost as well!  So after being home about an hour I headed out to the organic garden and began to pull the weeds and wild grasses that have found a home in our garden.  I certainly don't want those pesky weeds pulling all of the water and other nutrients from my victory garden!  It took about an hour but I got all of the weeds out. 

As I was carefully moving my healthy vines I also found three cucumbers that had grown while we were at the beach.  I was thrilled to have these three beautiful cucumbers and the yellow squash for the week ahead.

Now that we are home this week I look forward to serving up a great Good, Better, Best dish with these garden vegetables.  Thinking of sauteing the yellow squash with the basil, the Sweet Boy all of a sudden likes things with basil and he loves cucumbers.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Good, Better, Best Organic Garden 2011!  How is your garden going this summer.  Maybe you need some Lobster Compost!
Enjoy the Best Food!

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