Thanksgiving with Good Better Best

After Christmas, which is my favorite holiday for so many reasons, Thanksgiving is my other favorite holiday.  While we all love being together with family, the real star of Thanksgiving is the food.  It's the perfect Good Better Best holiday.

So as you start to prep your meal planning, and maybe you have already started, there are simple ways to incorporate Good Better Best into the Thanksgiving meal.  Here are some ideas....

Turkey (the super star of the meal)-think about getting an organic turkey this year.  You can't beat the flavor.

Stuffing-use a whole grain bread or organic corn bread.  This year I am making a non-bread stuffing with organic sweet italian chicken sausage and I a roasting chestnuts to put in it for the first time ever!  Thanks to Lisa M. and Marisa for your chestnut roasting tips.  I will let you know how it turns out.

Potatoes/sweet potatoes-use organic or get these at the farmer's market.

Root vegetables-butternut and acorn squash add wonderful elements to the meal especially when organic or from the farmer's market.

Cranberries-go organic.

Pumpkin pie-use organic pumpkin and think about making a whole wheat crust.

Kitchen basics-organic chicken broth, organic eggs, fresh herbs from your garden or windowsill.

I hope that the ideas are flowing with Good Better Best as you prepare for the biggest food holiday there is!

Wishing you the Best Thanksgiving.

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