Thankful Thursdays-A Month of Thankful

I know that today is technically not Thursday, but Holly and I decided our Thankful Thursday should really just be for the whole week of Thanksgiving. So get cozy and join us for a little month of Thankful. If you blogged about gratitude this month, feel free to link up with us below.

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While I am sleepy writing this, I just want to take a moment to reflect on what I am thankful for this month. It is just a quick list, but the feelings are heartfelt.

-The Best blogging partner in Holly who is so patient with me. She is so kind when I mess up the technology or get my dates wrong. In general I know that if we lived closer she would be one of my girls. 

-That we have been able to send Hockey Guy to such an amazing school for the last few years. To have him in a place that really knows him and knows when to push him hard and also when hug him close. To Mrs. B, that while she is technically not a Hawk anymore, we will forever be grateful to her for immediately recognizing that he may learn different and reminding him that he is so much more than his grades. To all of the Mrs. C's! Each in your own way have made such an impact on him over the last few years and help him learn in his own way every day. To the two Best principals who have from time to time reminded me that "little people equals little problems" and Better that they learn lessons in a loving environment. These two also make me laugh hard. 

-That I work with truly nice people that I trust. I have had a long career and I could not always say this over the years.

-For a group of friends who are the real deal, which is extraordinary in my business and in this town. I not only have friends that I like, I have people that I truly love. The Best part, a lot of them come with some pretty amazing kids. 

-That Running Daddy and I come from Good families with pretty low drama. I am also so grateful that Hockey Guy has both sets of grandparents and talks about them all the time.

-While it has taken me decades, I am grateful that I might finally be comfortable with the person God made me to be. I get up everyday trying to be Better than the day before, but I am hoping that I can continue to see that He knows I am enough. My happy, Hallmarky style may not be for everyone, but it is where I am comfortable.

-Mostly, I am happy for what is inside the four walls I get to come home to every night. For so many years I thought I would never have this but here I am with a Hallmark hunk like husband, the kind yet cool Hockey Guy and a bouncy rescue Labrador retriever who treats every morning like a celebration. This is the Best part. This is what I am most grateful for. 

I wish you all the Best thanksgiving and so appreciate each and everyone of you that take time out of your day to stop by and read a post and take time to comment too. This space makes me happy...period and the fact that literally hundreds of thousands of page reads over the last few years just blows me away. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Feel free to link below too.

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